Check Out The 5 Most Luxurious Private Jets In The World

When it comes to flying, there are plenty of ways to travel in style if you’re in first class.


But let’s face it: nothing beats owning a private jet.


We can’t all be billionaires and enjoy the perks of our own personal plane, but we can dream. And these photos make dreaming pretty easy.


Here’s a look at the five most high-end and luxurious private jets.


5. The Cessna Citation Longitude can fit up to 12 people and costs $26 million.



It comes with a cabin area that can fit amenities like an espresso maker and microwave oven, as well as its own walk-in baggage compartment.


The cabin offers plenty of space and cozy armchairs. It has 15 large windows to bring in plenty of natural light.



It also comes with a spacious bathroom.



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