Man Kills Pregnant Neighbor Who Repeatedly Asked Him “When Are You Getting Married?”

The question “when are you getting married?” is definitely the most annoying question in the world even when it’s asked with good intentions.


Take it from this angry guy who took things to the extreme and decided to shut his neighbor for good – by taking her life.



According to the reports, 28-year-old Faiz Nurdin of Kampung Pasir Jonge, Indonesia killed his 32-year-old pregnant neigbour Aisyah because she always asked him when he’s getting married and he took it negatively.


Local residents said that Faiz was sitting in front of his house when his pregnant neighbor passed by and talked to him.


As a police spokesperson shared:


“The suspect revealed that the woman said, ‘Faster get married, the others are already married, why aren’t you getting married yet?’ These words offended the suspect.”



Eventually, Faiz came up with an evil plan. He visited Aisyah later that day and when he got to her house, he followed her to her room and pushed her to the bed. He then “strangled her to death with his bare hands,” BuzzFlare reported. Meanwhile, she tried to fight for her life by biting his finger but unfortunately, Faiz was too strong.


After committing the crime, the suspect also stole the victim’s smartphone and some cash amounting to $59.



Faiz managed to escape to Kalidares, Jakarta but the police were able to spot him and they shot his leg.


If proven guilty, Faiz will be facing life imprisonment.


Written by Kanyi Okeke

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