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About KanyiNulia.com

Specialties: Entertainment News, Video Production, News Media, Pop / Celebrity Broadcast Media

KanyiNulia.com is an urban and bite-size digital entertainment outlet. Our goal is to inform a conscious community of multicultural celebrity enthusiasts on trending headlines. We produce daily articles and short-form videos on breaking celebrity news and star-studded events, which makes us the leading voice for current entertainment news.


KanyiNulia.com is your One-stop Destination for Breaking News, Celebrity scoops and Gossips, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, Events (award shows, movies, music, style and the stars).


KanyiNulia.com was created in September 2011 as a daily hot online source for men & women who enjoy the latest in news, entertainment and celebrity scoops, tech and gadgets, fashion – style & beauty.  If you love everything that’s fashionably chic yet extraordinarily geek, if you have an obsession with gadgets and fashion and all things fabulous — then this is the website for you.


KanyiNulia.com is a site dedicated to the readers every need as it offers an industry insider look into Music and Entertainment Industry.  With the mantra, ”Your Daily Dose Of Entertainment”, KanyiNulia.com offers exclusive interviews with some of the most stylish, trendsetters, actors, artist and entrepreneurs in the industry. The fans are given the opportunity to delve into the lives and artistic brains of their favorite stars.


Its backstage passes to some of Lagos’s best concerts, parties, and elite events, KanyiNulia.com leaves out no star studded event.


www.KanyiNulia.com reports and covers everything ranging from:

NEWS – Nigerian news and Breaking News Around The World

ENTERTAINMENT:  Urban pop culture and celebrity scoops

FASHION – Trend Advice, Style Inspirations, Lookbooks, Show Reports, Trend Huntress, Best Dressed & Personal Style

BEAUTY – Beauty tips & trends and Expert Reports & advice, Beauties and Hotties of the Day.

FEATURES – Hard-talk, Interviews, Celebrities, Relationships & Life

FLASHBULB – Parties, Biographies

TECH & GADGETS: Everything fashionably chic about gadgets.

Inspiration, Motivation and Relationship articles

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