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Actress Steph-Nora Okere Battles P-Square: Claims They Stole Her Unreleased Song “Jeje”



Actress Steph-Nora Okere Battles P-Square: Claims They Stole Her Unreleased Song "Jeje" 5

Actress Steph-Nora Okere Battles P-Square: Claims They Stole Her Unreleased Song "Jeje" 6

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Gist has it that  Psquare  stole materials from  actress Stephnora’s  unreleased track “Jeje”, and incidentally, their new album The Invasion also has a song titled “Jeje” in which they featured Waje. Steph-Nora claims to have sought the opinion of the brothers based on mutual respect and his experience.

In her words, Stephnora said,

                   “What they did was to remix the chorus of my version to a danceable track. That was not all, they also gave their version the same title, Jeje and featured Waje. I sent the song over to Jude via email and he listened to it. The next day I called him for his opinion and he said exactly these words ‘Stephnora the song is good but don’t release it like that because it doesn’t meet the standard of the Nigerian market’. I asked him what should be done and he suggested that I return to the studios and brush it up. As a brother and colleague, I took his advice and went back to the studio with my producer Jiff. I also consulted with my manager, and we agreed to improve on the work ahead of the album launch, which I planned for this December. I finally completed the song in May/June, but to my consternation, two weeks ago my personal assistant called my attention to P Square’s new album, which included a track entitled “Jeje”.
                     Ope Banwo made it known  that he intends to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against P Square next week if they do not respond to their demand letter.  He said  “This kind of thing should not be tolerated. P Square is a big group that should not take advantage of up and coming artistes and their friends. Stephnora trusted them and they stabbed her in the back,”
In Their reply, the  brother  suggests the actress goes to court if she wants, as they insist that she’s only using the opportunity to attract more attention to her career.

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