Kim Kardashian Finally Says I Do Today!

Reality star and Model Kim Kardashan will be tying the knot today with beau Chris Humprey today at this $29m Montecito, California  estate below.

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The wedding is reported the American version of a royal wedding as all media sites (magazines and newspapers) agog with pre wedding shots and behind the scenes.
Her stepdadBruce Jenner, is also said to have negotiated a $1.5 million magazine deal for exclusive rights to her wedding photos.
You can equally catch a glimpse of her $2million dollar engagement ring below.
You can also catch a glimpse of the much talked about wedding invitation below:

                              Official invite: Kim and Kris’s chose an elegant wedding invitation

Since Eonline has the exclusive right to the covering of the wedding which will be on air on October 10th, Check back later for pictures from the exclusive wedding.

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