Pls What Message is this photograph passing across?

What is it about bruises that fashion
photographers find so sexy? The latest attempt to court controversy
comes from photographer Tyler Shields and his subject,
Glee actress Heather Morris. In a series of art-directed
shots on his website, Morris poses with a painted-on black eye and
a clothing iron, in a whimsical 1950’s dress.

 More shocking than the photos’ light-hearted depiction of
domestic violence, is the de ja vu factor. Haven’t we seen this
before, like, a lot? Only a few weeks ago, we were talkin about a salon asvert with a photo of a bruised
model. And before that, a handful of high fashion campaigns
featuring women being beaten, bruised, and impaled. Domestic
violence, it seems, has become the surefire way to get your fashion to spread out…

All these designers sef…….SMH

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  1. I'm not a fan of such adverts. I don't even like them in music videos. I don't understand why these people cannot see that there is nothing artistic about domestic violence.

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