I Will Never Get Married- Tuface Idibia

In a recent Interview, Tuface Idibia said he will never get married ….read the excerpts from the interview below..

As we go through life,we all suffer betrayals.Even Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples Judas Iscariot.I have been betrayed but I won’t want to comment about it.

    It’s a path so painful that I don’t even want to go there.Just like betrayals,I have also suffered heartbreak on account of a woman.

    Again,it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.Let me just say that love is a strong force which can conquer anybody, even if you are Tuface. It happened to me long ago.

    I have loved and have been loved.When it comes to love,I am as Innocent as my name Innocent Idibia.I have never come across a virgin all my life.The only person I have disvirgined is me.Myself.
The fact that I have not come across a virgin does not mean there are no virgins.What I am saying is that I have never jammed a virgin. I don’t know what I will do the day I come across a virgin. Will I marry her?

The truth is marriage is not in my plans.I will never marry.Let me put it that bluntly. I don’t want to marry. I am angry.”

Hmmmm i bet this would come as a shocker to numerous girls killing themselves for his attention…anyways take heart oooo, another tuface will soon arrive or better still start fasting and praying, i bet he will change his mind one day….

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