Guys Which One would you Choose Out of These Ladies??

Guys Which One would you Choose Out of These Ladies?? 1

So we came across this on a website and kinda we started arguing over it..i decided to bring it over to K readers, so you can also tell me which of them you’ll go for…..make your choice below

(1)This lady has all
the qualities you want in a woman.BUT she cannot cook at all at all.To
cook rice is a big task.When it comes to sex,and you need to rate her
skills and performance she will score 120/100.Bamn in the bedroom.

second lady,mouth and body odour.Her private part could be
offensive.Very untidy BUT extremely respectful and friendly.Very warm
woman. All your family members and friends loves her.She has been
accepted.When it comes to sex,her score is 50/100

working lady.Very organised.Good with money.,very beautiful ,down to
earth and honest.Her bedroom score is, 140/100!!!!BUT,she is a big
trouble. Naggs,naggs and naggs. None of your family members like her.She
does not care bc all she wants is Nookie.

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