Too Late?? Actress Chika Ike Unveils 2012 Calendar.

Nollywood Actress Chika Ike has just unveiled her 2012 calender and i believe what prompted the late unveiling might be the magnitude of the photo shoot done….continue to see the pictures.

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  1. This is sad a pastors daughter?!! nawao. I saw a picture where she bought her mum ( a pastor) a car for a mothers day, and the mother said "this is the Lords doing." Really! If I was the mother, I wouldn't have accepted the gift, i know that would have hurt my dota but it is a wake up call. Its not clean / decent money. Id rather my dota be a tomatoe seller n makes it to heaven then all this. (Im not being bitchy just honest, got nothing personal against her)
    tkia peeps xx

  2. I do not know why people get angry over other people‘s progress.Chika is one of the decent actresses in nollywood.You can not condem somebody because of mere pictures.You have to be happy when others are successfull for God to lift you up not critisizing.

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