US, UK ban citizens from travelling to the North

The United States and the United Kingdom yesterday warned their citizens not to travel to certain parts of the north saying there is a high risk of terrorist attack during the Easter holiday.
The UK foreign office and the US embassy in Abuja issued the updated travel warnings yesterday, noting that a radical Islamist sect is behind the planned attacks.

“There is a high threat of terrorist attack during religious festivals,” the UK warning read.
The US warning noted the near-daily attacks now hitting Nigeria and that there have been “continued threats, including several that mention US interests”.

The warning also noted that personnel from the US embassy no longer travel to northern Nigeria, a rule put in place after a Boko Haram attack on the city of Kano in January killed at least 185 people.
“The US embassy continues to monitor closely the ongoing threats posed by Nigerian extremist and criminal groups, and their stated intentions to carry out attacks against the Nigerian government and western interests and targets in Nigeria,” the message read.

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