Video of a girl caught stealing

Video of a girl caught stealing 1
My friend sent me a video this morning, and he said the girl was caught stealing somewhere around Shopright yesterday! Well i don’t know what to say ooo, but i know i sent the video from my phone to my lappy and i lost the audio, so i had to sort of narrate the video in the background, while also playing the original sound from my phone….and pardon my voice oooo, just waking up and it doesn’t sound sexy, YES SEXY early in the morning!
Peep the video after the cut but remember, ***VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED****


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  1. Justice affirmation is right but should be done accordingly, but girls aswell should know the inpending punishment they ll get and abstain from disgrace. Blacks are blacks, whites are Whites , we must act as negroes, same advice to boys aswell. ''fraud free"

  2. This video is an old one….Besides, you background note was not necessary and it was far from fitting into this video. Not only girls are stripped naked after stealing. The same things are done to boys.

  3. Please, please, please, as a jornalist it is always important to check facts of any story before making it public. This is an old story of a girl who stole a blackberry phone in Onisthia. Yes what the evil men did is wrong. This never happened at shoprite. Get your facts straight.

    • You dont have to blame her, she said the person said it was shoprite… besides i heard it was ALABA MARKET. The blogger alabauncut said he heard abpout it and the video has been circulating

  4. Dear wannabe blogger, ur so called narrative session shows how much u lack a good grip of english count words and Tʰᵉ only adjective u are so used to is'stupid'…everything about your blog is stupid.

  5. Kanyinulia, the person that sent you the update is wrong! Since you said he lives in United Kingdom, his not really aware of the whole story. It happened in Alaba market

  6. The incident happened at Alaba International Market, in the middle of the night. The lady was accused of stealing Blackberry phone in the market. She was beaten, stripped naked and abused. What baffles Surprisebaba is the way her legs were widely stretched apart and a torchlight put on and directed into her pussy as if they were searching for the blackberry phone inside there.

    Thank God she did not go the way of the 4 UNIPORT students who were accused of the same offence in ALLU and were badly beaten, stripped naked and burnT alive.

    • Hehehe!!! Lmao @ searching 4 blackberry phone inside there. Seriously guys whether it happened in Mars or Jupiter is not d koko of d matter….. A gril was abused sexually, which should not be. The right thing to do should have been to hand her over to the police.

      Nice 1 Kanyinulia.

    • This is America wonder!!! How did you do it that I appear to have posted above comments?.

      Thanks for the email you sent on your observation on my post on Bola Tinubu and Mimiko.

  7. Fuck all those idiots/assholes calling her blogger wannabe.what stops u from getting urs?kay kay darling nice work keep it up!by the way nice voice.#pretty kenny#

  8. But there is nothing like "stupid object". And why were you shouting "oh my God, what is this" yet you are putting up the video. Was it also necessary that you let your readers know that your voice isn't sexy because it was in the morning?

  9. Hi blog owner, this incident happened at the University of Ghana over a year ago. The lady, who had gone there to sell, was accused of stealing (I think phones and laptops).
    She was consequently abused as you can see in the video. Her maltreatment became a big issue in Ghana, with several Women Rights groups rushing to her aid.
    The university disciplined the students involved , and the case went to court. The students were eventually acquited and discharged.
    The point is, this did not happen in Nigeria as your post indicates. It happened in Ghana, and I think you esteemed readers deserve to know. Great work on your blog. I wrote this from Accra. Cheers.

  10. Dear readers, it's unfortunate that I'm responding a little late. I just got this video and tried to check it up, can we at least get information right. The matter is that, the lady was maltreated, that was bad! But then, stealing isn't a good thing. If it happened in Nigeria as the source can not be ascertained now, every individual should be careful and if elsewhere, the same should be the case. Prov 1:7; 2:6; 4:5; 23:4,9, Wisdom is too high for a fool. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Never. When you give your total being unto God, He will solve all your problems, you won't suffer here on earth and still go to hell. Neither of these will happen if you're God's. He will give you all that you need if you give yourself to him. Devil is set to take advange of anyone anytime, particularly when you're not born-again. GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST TODAY AND BE SAVED HE IS WAITING FOR YOU BECAUSE HE DIED FOR YOU.

  11. Dear readers, it's unfortunate that I'm responding a little late. I just got this video and tried to check it up, can we at least get information right by checking some reliable sources online, however, the video is not animated which shows that it really happened. The matter is that, the lady was maltreated and really abused, that was bad! But then, stealing isn't a good thing.

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