Meet Paul Walkers Brother Cody, His Been Asked To Replace His Brother In Fast & Furious 7

Brotherly love: Paul Walker and his youngest brother Cody, 25, give a toast at their brother Caleb's wedding to Stephanie Branch in October
Cody Walker 25 and Paul Walker 40
Paul Walker’s younger, lookalike brother has been asked to step in for him to film the final scenes for Fast & The Furious 7.  His 40-year-old brother Paul was on a break from filming at the time of his death in a shocking car crash two weeks ago.
Following Paul’s death, Universal Pictures announced it was their ‘duty’ to shut down production – adding they were ‘dedicated to providing support to Paul’s immediate family and our extended Fast & Furious family of cast, crew, and filmmakers.’
Later-on, Producers had a string of meetings right after Paul’s death and they  realized they needed someone who looked like Paul to finish the movie and that’s when they approached his nearly identical brother, Cody.
Meanwhile, Universal Pictures have made it clear they will work with the Walker family and take their guidance on a fitting exit for Paul’s Fast & Furious character, Brian O’Connor, but am very sure if Cody does a good job he might be up for a role in Fast And Furious 8! Then 9 and, perhaps, 10!…peep more pictures of him below

Smiles: Beaming, the Walker brothers, from left, Cody, Caleb and Paul, pose in the fall sunshine at Caleb's October wedding

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The 3 brothers
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