This Man Splashed £80,000 On His Old Land Rover And Made It Look Like This

The iconic Land Rover Defender, left, has been given an £80,000 plush makeover, top right, and now boasts a host of luxury items including foldaway tables, a drinks cabinet, on-board computers with Windows 8 and a built-in phone system, right
One wealthy British farmer decided he wanted the classic design and off-road capability of his Land Rover Defender but with added luxury so got in touch with a car pimping company, Carisma Auto Design, who gave his iconic vehicle an £80,000 luxurious makeover….peep the car interior when you continue!

Plush: The interior of the iconic Land Rover Defender has been given a luxurious £80,000 makeover and now features foldaway tables, a drinks cabinet with crystal glassware, a fridge, dimmable mood lighting and built-in computers hosting Windows 8

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Luxury: Clive Drake, of Essex-based firm Carisma Auto Design which carried out the plush £80,000 makeover, said: 'Clients come to us because they know that we can achieve the impossible and deliver a vehicle to them that exceeds their expectations'
The pimped up Land Rover, which was customised by Carisma Auto Design, has swapped its classic seats for swanky, quilted adjustable chairs
As part of the £80,000 makeover, the inside of the Land Rover Defender has been given plush quilted seats, a drinks cabinet and storage compartment
The plush new pimped up Land Rover now features a built-in phone system as well a host of other luxurious items including on-board computers, a drinks cabinet and wifi

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