Wounded American Soldiers Show Off Their Hawt Sexy Bodies In New Photos

Photographer Michael Stokes took some pretty amazing photos of veterans and the internet is blowing up over it. And, after seeing the photos, you’ll understand why because these guys are looking all kinds of sexy.

Michael Stokes is a photographer from California and his new photos surfacing of wounded veterans are extremely powerful.
Stokes was taking photos of a wounded vet, but instead of photographing him the way a lot of disabled vets are photographed, stokes says he took photos like he would for any other fitness model.
Peep more photos when you continue…

Stokes is being applauded for his work’s positive imagery and said in an interview with MTV that, 

“Some people will say to me ‘Oh, this is really helpful to [the veterans’] self-esteem,’ or, ‘You’re making them feel like men again,'” 

Stokes responds to that idea by saying these veterans already have all the confidence they need – he simply captured it on film.
Stokes told the Huffington Post, 

“Most…amputee photos…emphasized the lost limb, and that the mood was often sorrowful.” 

But after first photographing the visually confident U.S. Marine, Alex Minsky, (pictured below on the left) who had been injured in a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, Stokes said he had to continue his photo series with the amazing energy Alex brought. 

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“These guys have come to me very healed and ready to take the world on. I’m not giving them back their confidence, they already have it.” -Michael Stokes
Wow they all look so hawt. 

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