69-year-old Man Goes on a Naked Date with a 24-year-old Woman [PHOTOS]

A young 24-year-old woman has shocked many people by going on a naked date with a 69-year-old man looking for love.

Bob and Natalie stripped naked to enjoy a date

A 69-year-old man has shocked many by stripping n*ked to go on a date with a hot 24-year-old girl who is 45 years his junior.

According to a Dailymail report, the incident took place on Wednesday night’s episode of the VH1 reality show Dating N*ked. Bob strips down to his birthday suit to enjoy a water gun fight and a dip in a pool with 24-year-old Natalie, who has hardly any qualms about spending time with an older man.

‘When I first saw him coming around the corner I thought, “Oh my God,”‘ Natalie admits in Entertainment Weekly’s clip from the episode.

‘But Bob is actually pretty awesome — and his butt isn’t so bad for an old man!’

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Bob owns several carnival concession stands including on called ‘Corn Star’, which features the slogan ‘You Can’t Beat Bob’s Cob’, and it appears that Natalie appreciates his sense of humor.

During their date, the scantily clad duo have a blast using water guns to squirt fruity alcoholic beverages all over their naked bodies.

After playing around with the water guns for a bit longer, the two enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool where Natalie has them cheers to ‘the coolest date ever’. The two gets to know each other well while discussing on various life issues. The two continue their date on the next episode and where it leads will soon be known.

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