Husband Cuts Off His Wife’s Hand for Cheating on Him (Graphic Photo)

A woman lost her hand after her husband cut it off as punishment for her cheating.

The man allegedly caught his wife cheating with another man and decided to give her a punishment that she will never forget.

The information was shared on Facebook by Alh Muhammed Ishaq Onifari who wrote:

“Husband amputates wife, for unfaithful. But this punishment is much. O God!”

Another photo when you continue..

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  1. I just can't place the anger….So you a mere mortal…chops off the hand of your wife😲…just because she is having sex behind your back with another man?😨 Why don't you just throw her out and end the marriage if you have to?😰…why disfigure her like this? What manner of wickedness is this????😡😬😠

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