The Underrated Daring Male Style Influencer You Should Know

All thanks to the mysterious Instagram algorithm more often than not, we sadly tend to miss out on all the slayage from the macro fashion influencers on the app who are steady serving looks day after day and one macro influencer whose unconforming and daring style is criminally underrated is the style blogger and influencer who simply goes by Tbeonwukwa on social media. His colourful style which seems to match his equally colorful personality is one that leaves his small community of followers in awe with every look he serves.

This influencer comes off as a daring fashionista who couldn’t care less about fashion trends and rather focuses on wearing what he likes, marrying colours and fabric almost like an artist painting on a canvas forgetting about the constraints of fashion trends and rigid gender walls. A look at his feed reminds you that fashion is after all an art and one that should be enjoyed and one that should be used to express oneself and Tbeonwukwa does all that and so much more.

His style seems to be influenced by the 70s, 80s and right down to the 90s – all the best eras in fashion if we’re being honest and he picks out the best from all these eras and creates magic with them.

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Photo credit: Instagram @tbeonwukwa

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