Sex-For-Grade: UNIBEN Professor Okwechime Defends Lecturers, Says Some Girls Want Sexually Transmitted Degree

UNIBEN Lecturer says some female students that dress half nude to class because they want to “obtain Sexually Transmitted Degree (STD)”.

Professor of the University of Benin () has defended his colleagues after a documentary exposing some randy lecturers emerged.

Africa Eye had bone a documentary video where they secretly filmed randy lecturers in West African Universities trying to use their positions to demand sex from young ladies in order to favour them academically.

During a radio interview on Nigerian Info FM 99.3, Professor Emmanuel who was reacting to the documentary said some female dress half nude to class because they want to “obtain Sexually Transmitted Degree (STD)”.

According to him, the students want the STD because they do not pay attention in class, and they sometimes threaten lecturers if they refuse to sleep with them for the good grades. Emmanuel said;

“First and foremost, the ancient hyping of sexual corruption is just want of BC’s (Broadcasters) and people not being serious. Sexual harassment is being seen from one angle.

“Is it not possible that even the lecturers are being [sensually] harassed by the girls by the way they dress?

“Essentially you will see girls who are half nude come to class who want to obtain what we call STD sexually transmitted degree

“They want to get their degree by sexual intercourse. and when you as a refuse to oblige them, they go and blackmail you.

“How do you reconcile that a girl comes to your office in a very transparent dress with their breast shooting out almost seeing what is inside.

“At the end you discover that you’re trust otherwise to do their bidding.”

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