13-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped By 6 Men, Kills Herself After She Discovered She Was Pregnant

The girl reportedly jumped to her death from a block of flats because of her terrifying ordeal.

A 13-year-old girl has killed herself after she discovered she was impregnated by six men who brutally gang-raped and her captive in Bangkok, Thailand.

The teen, identified only as Pinkie, reportedly jumped to her death from a block of flats before midnight on Friday, because of her terrifying ordeal.

It was alleged that she snapped a photo showing her legs dangling from a roof and sent it to a friend with a message saying: “I’m about to go, I love you.”

The girl also wrote a series of Facebook posts that read: “I’m about to go” and “If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have gone a long time ago.”

Her mother, who reported the alleged attack to police in Bangkok, Thailand, said it had sent her into a deep depression before she died by suicide last Friday.

It is claimed that Pinkie had argued with her mum just before her suicide and that she ran after the teenager and attempted to stop her.

The girl, identified publicly only by her nickname, Pinkie, jumped to her death from a block of flats just before midnight, Thai media reported.

Police told Coconuts Bangkok they had identified two suspects, but reports claimed up to six men were involved in the attack.

Thai Police said they had arrested one man after a raid on his home found an unregistered firearm, officers were searching for a second man.

Spokesman Krissana Pattanacharoen said: “Both suspects face charges for collaborating to sexually abuse the girl.

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