US President, Donald Trump Shares Photoshopped Shirtless Image Of Himself As A Boxer

Donald Trump posted a photoshopped photo of himself posing as the muscular boxer, Rocky.

The President of United States, Donald Trump has shared has shared a photoshopped image of his expressionless face on th muscular shirtless body of Sylvester Stallone from the Rocky films after the president claimed during a wild Florida campaign rally that a doctor told him to show his “gorgeous chest” during an exam.

President Trump did not include any words on the image caption – but the picture is said to be a follow-up to comments he made at a campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday night, while refuting that he had any health problems.

Denying a popular conspiracy that his November 17 trip to Walter Reed Military Medical Center was for cardiac arrest, Trump said he did not wear his tie to the hospital because he knew he would have to remove it.

“Why would I wear a tie? If the first thing they do is say “Take off your shirt, sir, and show us that gorgeous chest?…We’ve never seen a chest quite like it,’ he said, mimicking doctors.


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