Duncan Mighty Accuses His Wife And Family Of Plotting To Kill Him Over His Properties

Duncan Mighty has accused his wife and her family of plotting to kill him and take over his properties

Nigerian singer, Duncan Mighty, has taken to his social media to accuse his wife, Vivien Nwakanma, and her family of conniving to poison him to death in order to take over his properties.

Duncan Mighty Accuses His Wife And Family Of Plotting To Kill Him Over His Properties 1

In a lengthy post shared on his Instagram page, Duncan Mighty stated that back in March, after showing his wife the documents of a property intended for her family, they decided to have a night getaway from their kids and it was there that she revealed her plans.

According to him, she confessed that her family had held a meeting where they planned to kill him and take over all his properties because he was an only child.

Duncan Mighty went on to reveal that his wife and members of her family took it farther by consulting native doctor, who gave them a liquid substances which was she was supposed to put in his food and bathing water.

However, after getting several other instructions from a native doctor, which included getting his toenails, the plot to kill him failed following her confession.

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The singer said that his wife confessed at the point when she wanted to cut his toe and fingernails; a part of the requirements by the native doctors they had consulted.

He said immediately his wife finished confessing, she regained her senses and realized he was recording the whole incident, which made her angry and she ran straight to her car and drove off speedily.

Duncan Mighty said he became a single father days later when Vivien called him and said to him “I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IVE GONE OUT OF YOUR LIFE I DON’T WANT TO EAT WHERE I DID NOT SOW.”

The singer stated that he has the “confession” recorded with clear evidence and proofs, and would release it to the public should she or her family members try to deny the allegations.

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In another post, Duncan Mighty shared the photos of her family members with their phone numbers with the caption: “I refuse to make this public simply because when it comes to social media the woman must be righteous and will become even more famous cuz no man has ever been right here and i was thinking she was manipulated not until the worst happened 3days ago am waiting for their response cuz since 3days now the same people threatening how they’ll end my carrier by granting false information to the media has all refused to pick up their phones.”

This coming a week after Duncan Mighty was accused of assaulting a tanker driver who works with Julius Berger Nigeria Limited in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

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