Top 5 Best Sports Based Video Games of 2021

If you are an ardent fan of video games, you already know that it is not just a way to kill your time. Video games, with outstanding graphics and plotlines are nothing short of works of art. In fact, it is amazing that you can actually get into tournaments with proper labor, and make a career out of it.

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Here is a list of the Best 5 sports-based video games of 2021:

Rocket League

It is one of the most accessible video games. Driving, jumping and boosting have a button each. All the other functions like the floating jumps, the precisions with the ball are to be decided by the players themselves. Built-in 2015, it basically involved teams of four lock bumpers and was what they called “soccer with cars”. The developer Psyonix has over the years elevated the game’s formula as popularity increased.

Lonely Mountains Downhill

This is probably one of the most exciting sports-based video games. In this, you have to run a cube-man biker at a high speed through the rugged terrain of mountains in order to fulfill challenging courses.

In the process what one finds is awe-striking scenery and some disastrous deaths. Each death is gruesome but also very informative as it gives you the knowledge and experience on changing routes, obliterating the best time instead of knee caps, etc. The controls of the game need expertise but the process is not complex once you get the hang of it!

Football Manager 2021

Top 5 Best Sports Based Video Games of 2021

This is an ideal heaven for all football fans. It is almost a mirror to everything that happens not just in a game but within the football industry in reality. The user gets to go through routines of daily training sessions, managing press conferences, channelizing staff and so on. The game does not allow the user to decide the pitch of the players in the course of a game but is a make-up of pretty much everything that happens behind the game in the market. So choose a local or a legendary club, and tell your own story!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

It is a reconstruction of the classic Tony Hawk’s series on Playstation and is an extraordinary rendition. The fluidity of the game has increased with the tweaks being smarter and subtler with new features like reverts that increase the flow of the game.

Art of Rally

Despite being one of the most amazing and beautiful racing games, it was severely underrated in 2020. The indie game focuses on classic cars, with one from the notorious Group B category during the “golden era” of rallies. It’s a game with a top-down view and not where you sit behind the wheel with several difficult tactics to handle!

So, go ahead and play these video games to connect more with the sporty nerd inside you!

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