4 Reasons Why Video Games Are So Addictive

There are so many diverse video game genres out there, from puzzle and arcades to first-person shooters and battle royales and these video games keep video gamers hooked to their screens because of their addictive qualities. Over the course of the past few years, we have seen a rise in video game addiction. People are getting increasingly addicted to video games and it is because of human psychology and the addictive features of video games. Let’s discuss a few reasons that make video games so addictive.

4 Reasons Why Video Games Are So Addictive

Below Are Reasons Why Video Games Are So Addictive

Provide An Escape From Reality
One of the most common reasons why people play video games is to escape from reality. People want to escape from reality to relieve stress and immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can avoid real-life problems. MMORPGs and Battle Royale games are picked by gamers to escape from reality momentarily. These games provide opportunities for players to meet their virtual friends, complete quests, and enjoy a virtual life.

Video games often require high levels of concentration and provide an excellent means of escaping reality. Every video game differs from others, some provide more immersive gameplay, while others do not so much but the point is that people play video games to avoid reality and when they like the virtual world, they become addicted to these games. Video games like Klondike Solitaire reduce the effect of negative emotions on our minds and give good vibes, which makes them even more addictive.

Provide A Sense of Reward
Video games provide us with a lot of things and objectives to achieve. When we play video games, we always want to unlock a new character, a new character, a new level, or new content. This persistent reward is a way to add more and more users to a game. When a player unlocks a new character or reward, it triggers the brain’s reward system which contributes to the development of addiction.

When we receive a reward or unlock a new character, it causes our brain to release dopamine, the happy hormone and this feeling of accomplishment keeps us coming back to the same game over and over again. Sometimes, finishing a game can also provide a feeling of pleasure. For instance, finishing a game of Solitaire can make us feel good and this feeling keeps bringing us back to that game again and again.

Human beings have always strived for accomplishment, whether it is in the real life or virtual life, the difference is that in virtual life when you strive for accomplishment, you become addicted to a game such that you start to play it for longer periods to achieve everything.

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Promote Competition
Competition is another aspect of video games that draws people towards video games. Most of the popular multiplayer games have a competition of some sort. Whether it is a battle royale game like Fortnite or a sports game like FIFA, competition is there. Players can play against each other and prove who is the best and get bragging rights. But it does not stop here, gamers who play multiplayer games become so good at them that they are often recruited as professional ESports players to compete on national and international levels and make a career out of it.

Youngsters who see professional esports players are inspired and want to make a career out of gaming too. It has become too prevalent nowadays and it has led to serious gaming addiction in young teenagers as they see it as a chance to become a superstar and come out of poverty. The problem is that there are very few chances of becoming a professional player and as result, people who don’t make a career out of gaming fall into an addictive relationship with video games.

That is not it, sometimes competition can be between siblings, friends, and cousins. This friendly competition is also what keeps most people addicted to video games. They want to get better from their brother or friend and let him know that he is the better player. So, they keep on playing the game to get better at it and as a result, they become addicted to that game.

Allow For Social Interaction
Sometimes it is not the competition or the escape from the real world, it is the social interaction while playing games that make them addicted. Video games no longer require you to be physically present with your friends to play with them. You can communicate with them on apps like Discord as they play from their home and you play from yours. Video games themselves have the voice chat option available nowadays. So those people who cannot meet with their friends in real life or have a tough time making friends in real life, they can do so through video games and it is what makes them addicted to video games.

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