The Role of Data Analytics in Sports Betting

Data analytics is the collection and analysis of information to achieve a particular purpose. It
is something that both individuals and companies engage in for similar reasons.

The Role of Data Analytics in Sports Betting
People who are interested in sports betting sometimes use data analytics to help them
assess which bets are worth making. Equally the gambling companies themselves –
particularly the online ones – gather and analyze customer data to help them tailor their
services and marketing materials more closely to each individual.

In this article, we will look at data analytics and its connection to betting on sports more
closely and show how gamblers can benefit from it.

Data analytics has two different roles in the world of sports gambling – that of helping the
betting sites and helping the actual gamblers. The first of these is more widely understood by
the public.

Everyone knows that websites on the internet collect and use data from their customers.
This is most often done when a person signs up for an account at a site or buys a product or
service from it.

Online sports bet providers require customers to create an account before starting to gamble
and all of them store data from those who set up accounts with them. Although people are
sometimes suspicious of this, there is nothing very troubling or sinister about it.

The data is mainly used to improve the services offered by the sites and for marketing
purposes. Some of it is provided to advertisers, but users are legally entitled to have it
erased if they wish, thanks to GDPR law.

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It is no different from the ways other websites on the internet collect and analyzes user data.
The really interesting part of data analytics is how it can help those gambling.

Below is the role of data analytics in sports betting:

How Data Analytics Can Help You to Gamble Better

When you think about it, betting on a sport is all about looking at relevant data and
interpreting it to try to predict a particular outcome. Data analytics just improves your
chances of doing that.

If you choose to apply data analytics – or data science if you prefer – to your sports bets, this
will involve collecting all available information connected to the event you are betting on.
That information will then be sifted and studied to find patterns that will help you to identify
the likeliest possible outcome.

One area of sports betting where this kind of analysis is increasingly common is horse
racing. For example, a gambler may be looking at a particular horse to bet on for an
upcoming race.

Collating data can show him or her that the horse finished fourth in its most recent race but
won the five before that. The information will include what sort of ground the horse runs best
on and what training regime produces its peak performances, making it easier to decide
whether it is worth putting a bet on for its next race.

That is a basic picture of how data analytics works in sports betting, by enhancing the
the knowledge possessed by the bettor.

The Role of Data Analytics in Sports Betting 1

How It Can Help Gamblers Improve Their Profit Margins

Successful sports bettors have long understood that in-depth research produces the best
results. Data analytics is really just a fancy term for that and there are several ways it can
boost the profits you make.

 Building a database
Whether you choose to bet on multiple sports or just one, a detailed information database
will improve your chances. For example, a horse racing one should include not just publically
available data concerning the finishes of each horse, but also hard analysis.

For example, how many hurdles each one successfully clears per race, or how each horse
does in races against its competitors. That is not just raw data but a performance analysis
that will give you an edge on the average bettor.

In-game betting advantage
Many sports betting sites offer in-game – or in-race – betting these days. Being able to get
an analysis of key data from the game or race as it is ongoing will help you to make far
smarter bets than you would be able to without it.

That will ensure that you make more money from your gambling.

Betting market data
It is not just information about players, teams or horses that data analytics can be applied to.
There is also betting market data.

Tracking trends within this market in the build-up to big sporting events, as well as projected
win probabilities can enable bettors to predict shifts in advance and put bets in before the
odds change.

They can then capitalize on more favorable odds to make their bets more lucrative.
Data analytics is the future of sports betting and will help you to win.

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