20-Year-Old Man Dies from Neighbour’s Tank Incident in Lagos

A devastating incident unfolded in Lagos when Jamal Nureni, a 20-year-old seeking admission, tragically lost his life while sleeping.

The unfortunate event occurred on Saturday, June 17, 2023, when a water tank from a neighboring property toppled from its stand and crashed into Jamal’s bedroom, fatally injuring him.20-Year-Old Man Dies from Neighbour's Tank Incident in Lagos 1

The incident took place on Alhaji Kazeem Street in the Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos, where Jamal resided with his grandmother, Alhaja Yemisi Odejinmi. Alhaja Yemisi shared her concerns about the situation, stating, “It is a fence separating my house and that of my neighbors. I have been living here for over 40 years. Whenever they pump water and their tank is full, it spills into my compound.”

Despite her efforts to address the issue with her neighbors, no changes were made, and the water continued to overflow into her premises. Resigned to the situation due to their shared hometown of Abeokuta, Alhaja Yemisi would diligently sweep away the excess water.

Tragically, on that fateful morning around 6:30 am, Alhaja Yemisi was in the bathroom when a deafening crash shattered the tranquility. To her horror, she discovered that the tank had fallen from their neighbor’s compound, crashing into the room where her beloved grandson slept. The impact was fatal, crushing Jamal’s head and leading to his untimely demise.

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