Muslims Responds To Christmas Day Bombings!

Muslims Responds To Christmas Day Bombings! 1

Muslims in Nigeria sent out a Blackberry broadcast message which is being circulated. A copy of it below.

“A Bomb exploded today in Madalla, a village near Abuja, We Muslims are deeply touched by dis unfortunate event. And want to call on the attention of all Christians to reason logically before start pointing fingers. This bomb was not set by Muslims but rather a hidden force trying to send the Christians and muslims of this country to war with each other. We should pray to God to expose the evil people orchestrating all the bomb-blast in this country, with the sole aim of pushing this country to a civil war.

There is an external force behind this. THIS IS THE BITTER TRUTH, before we start hating each other, we should ask ourselves how far these people can go, in order to take over a country. WE SHOULD NOT BE FOOLED!!!
Pls forward to all the Christians and muslims in your contact list, to spread the word and expose the HIDDEN AGENDA!!!

It is wellO:)”


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