“My Daughter Need A lot Of Sex” ….Abuja Big Babe, Flora Okeke’s Mum Reveals

The mother of Flora Okeke, the Abuja big girl who was arrested recently by police for prostitution in
Protea Hotel, Abuja has made a damning revelation about her daughter. ( Read the gist here incase you missed it)

According to investigations conducted by, Flora’s mother told the police in the Federal Capital Territory that her daughter is a sex maniac and need to have sex regularly.
What led to this confession? Well, after exclusively published the story of how the 25 year old was caught stark naked in the hotel room for charging and collecting USD4, 000 for a round of sex, many who knew her made comments on their website, either in her defense or against her….Continue reading Jare. I trust igbo women they no dey carry last..Must find a way to defend their child.

Some of the commentators also insinuated that Flora was set up by a former House of Representatives member whom she had a three year old son for.

From what we gathered, the negative reactions and comments against Flora was so much that she decided to hit back at the said lawmaker. investigations revealed that Flora wrote a petition to the office of the Inspector General of Police few weeks ago against the lawmaker and the policemen that arrested her in the hotel room. She alleged that they invaded her privacy. Subsequently, the Inspector General of Police transferred the case to the AIG’s office.

At the AIG’s office, we learnt that, Flora, her mother, the lawmaker, her customer and the policemen who arrested her were asked to make fresh statement.

Our source informed us that Flora’s companion, who allegedly paid her the USD4, 000 reportedly made a confessional statement that he actually paid her for sex

We also scooped that the policemen that apprehended Flora stated she was caught and arrested naked at the hotel while the USD4,000 she charged for the sex session was also presented as evidence.
But while defending the allegation that her daughter was sleeping around with men in London which led to why she failed woefully in her courses in the London University, the lawmaker sponsored her to, Flora’s mum disclosed to the police that Flora was in London all alone and had to satisfy her sexual urge.

Some observers could not believe their ears when the woman made the statement and wondered why a lady sent to study in London would make sex her priority.
Flora’s mum’s statement also confirmed the reports that the lawmaker broke up with her last July because of her indiscriminate sex.

It would be recalled that the lawmaker reportedly spent about N25M to get Flora admission to study law in a London University. But in London, she abandoned her studies and began to engage in prostitution. At the end, she failed all her courses and came back to Nigeria.
Her sex exploit and wayward life in London got to the lawmaker who eventually kicked her out of the house.

Flora’s ‘runs’ in Abuja got her into her current mess when she was arrested by the police.
But Flora mum’s defense has confirmed without doubt that she has hot pants and couldn’t hold her body.

Meanwhile, a Police source that spoke with defended the actions of the Police when we asked if it was appropriate for the Police to make arrest inside a hotel room.
‘It is not a matter of where the act was committed. The issue is that money was paid for sex. If a woman gives her body to a man for money, the woman is a prostitute and the law must be allowed to take its full course. And wherever the location, either in Zone 4, Area 2 or Protea Hotel, prostitution has no other name and it is illegal,’ the Police source concluded.

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