So Tiwa Savage Is 32 Years…..Ehnnnnn

So Tiwa Savage Is 32 Years.....Ehnnnnn 1

SO a website is reporting Tiwa to be 32years old. One thing we need to understand here is, the man that runs that website has been in the game for ages and a very well respected journalist, who would never report what is not a fact on his website….and i hear Funke Akindele, Uche Jumbo, Genevieve Nnaji also fall into this category….hmmmm


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  1. Ok, so what if she is 32 yrs old? I don't get the point of this post. We all get older each passing day and are all at different stages of our lives. As long as people are happy doing what they want is all that matters. Marraige and breeding of kids is not all there is to life. Husbands die and children get killed on Nigeria's death-trap roads everyday so kini big deal to be 32 and unmarried?

  2. Nothing wrong with being 32 – in fact nothing wrong with being 45 and looking good! Age has got little to do with whom a person really is, or who and how that person attracts and invites appeal!

  3. OKAAAAY? Can't someone have a thriving career at 32? The only strange thing is Tiwa started her career pretty late or maybe this is just her time

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