Is Ugonna (Tipsy)'s Mum Dead?

Is Ugonna (Tipsy)'s Mum Dead? 1Is Ugonna (Tipsy)'s Mum Dead? 2


This message is currently been circulated around Blackberry broadcast

“”Ugonna’s Mum died this morning, she couldn’t survive the shock of her son’s death, since Ugonna was her only son! Aluu community has killed both mother and son….please rebroadcast’

This better be a lie, tell me why the people of Aluu shouldn’t all be killed. We are all saying, you dont repay evil with evil but tell me where was the Village head’s wife, women of the village, old women, mother’s, wise women etc when these kid’s where being tortured?

Did you hear any body shouting in defence of these boy’s?

All of them were busy saying “”bring the fuel”” “”this one never die”” hit am well”” e still dey shake”” “”they yellow one no wan die, die die die die die die” etc  and yet you tell me you dont repay evil with evil…Now Ugonna’s dad is wifeless and sonless because of some crazy heartless villagers…. continue reading please

I still cant fathom out how those boy’s who weren’t up to 20 years turned out to be robbers!

I heard the real thing that happened in Aluu, was that an indigene of Aluu was owing one of the boy’s a huge amount of money, and for some time has being playing hide and seek, dodgy games with him in order not to refund him!

And on that particular day, the boy decided to go with his friends early in the morning to surprise his  his debtor…but unknown to him, the animal had plans too.

After some arguments, the Aluu man started shouting that the Uniport boys are thieves and they must be killed!

When they were rounded up and beaten, the Aluu people decided within themselves that they should be killed for fear of Uniport boy’s or the police visiting them!…they took them to the village head who must be very criminal minded and told them to deal with them however they like!

While you’re reading this, please think about these few things!

(a).  One of the boy’s dad said he was called around 7;30am and told that his son was being beaten to death…he got there after finding difficulty in locating Aluu, HIS SON WAS STILL ALIVE

(B) Why did no one in that village call the POLICE, they had the time to walk them round the village naked, beating them and making fun of them and no Nigerian Police appeared! When we know that Nigerian Police are found in every nook and cranny of the city

(c). Why did they insist on killing the students?

(d) One of the boy’s dad came with JTF yet nothing could be done to save them

(e) It was very easy for the people of Aluu to kill 4 young boys without blinking an eye…that means they’ve been used to killing and burning people, without the public being aware, only that it happened to students and it became known

(f) if those boy’s really robbed, why didnt we see the laptop and phone?

(g) If truly they were caught with a gun, why havent we seen the gun? Typical Nigerians ties what robbers stole on their neck or waist while parading them around!

(h) What happened to the boy’s phones, clothes, shoes, bags etc…now tell me who is the real thief?

(i) Some said they raped a girl, where is the girl? Why haven’t we seen her???

(h) how can such popular boy’son campus, who won a silverbird talent search be petty robbers? it dosent make sense!!

(i) Add all these together, and you’ll understand that there was a motive behind their killing!

I dont have much to say, not good with analysis, but i know that whatever those boys had done, they didnt deserve to die like christmas goats!

Only if you know the meaning of Aluu in Igbo Language….It means ABOMINATION!

And the people of Aluu acted in a way that justified their name!

God forbid such thing befalls someone we way!

I’ve been thinking for some days now, ” I cant get myself or think properly after seeing half of that video, and it’s like that when i don’t even know them, what happens if such befalls any of our siblings (God forbid) or family members?

Its very painful, i cant start imagining how those boy’s families are taking these right now, their siblings might not really understand it now but gradually its gonna sink in….but think about their parents, their mum’s will be worst hit..

Yet this Mumu that we call our President does not understand the seriousness of this issue and his busy creating Committees…like seriously? 46 students butchered in Mubi, Uniport boys burnt alive, yet no mention of them and his busy creating committees abi?


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    • If only I have my way,aluu will be history now,uniport students should not take this lightly, I can't imagine what their parent and their siblings will be feeling like now,even if there are robbers,must they killed like an animal? Ahhh, I wish I could hold one of thos people hitting those promising boyz,I will strangle them, oh,this world is cruel

    • Mr president never know anything,war go start soon,make uniport student to relent till they burn that aluu down,all of them must die.

  1. I am speechless.. All in the community who watched the inhuman killing happen without reasonably asking for a gun/weapon to prove that they (4 dudes) were actually stole are nothing but venomous retards.
    May their souls rest in piece and if the story of the mum is true, may she rest in peace and I hope that all lives will not be cut short in vain as these ALU ANIMALS are brought to book and made to have a worse off ending to their lives.

    • One question,where is that stupid debtor that called those Boyz armed robbers? The community should produce that person and he should be burn alive too

  2. May their souls never rest until justice is done and their murderers burnt to death too. What kind of a world are we living in? Now,Ugonna's mum is dead. Which mother would survive this? Yet,the perpetrators of dis wicked and inhumane act are still roaming d streets freely. Which way,nigeria? I kept asking myself,where were d police men? Where were d women and mothers in dat community? Where did d mob hide their consciences? And to think dat not even a soul could be humane at all and atleast,hear d boys' plea and story! And d moron dat striked d match-stick? Was dat really a human being? Dat had d wicked mind of setting 4persons ablaze? And his conscience didn't prick him wen he was about to do dat? Now to all of u who has already condemned d boys as robbers,did u see d stolen laptops and phones? A typical nigerian will hang whatever a thief steals around his neck or make him carry the stolen items while being paraded. Did u see anything like dat? And even if they were robbers as alleged,it's not reason enough for such treaatment to be metted out on them. If dis demonic villagers sees the real thief,they won't be able to cough. This is indeed a sad and great loss. Bcos u don't know dis boys doesn't mean u should condemn dem as eing robbers. It could have happened to u,or ur relations. I'm very sure dat if they were ur brothers and even if they were caught stealing and wit arms,u wouldn't have taken it calm hearing d ordeal. Can any of u watch ur son,ur brother,ur cousin,relation or even ur friend burnt to death? God,please arise in anger and do justice to d murderers of diz young boys. For no man has d right to take another man's life and even so,in such a wicked and cruel manner. U are d God of justice! D souls of Ugonnna,Lloyd,Tekana,and Chiadikaobi yearn and cry for justice,let justice be done!

  3. Too touching, can't stop crying. The souls of this young cute guys will never rest in peace until justice is done. (Crying) this young guys were so full of lifes. God help us in this country.

  4. Even as a man, I am still shading tears, can't control my emotion yet I don't know them from adam and cannot watch 30% of the video. I am very hurt not only because of their death but also because of wickedness I see in the word today.

    I voted, campeigned and supported GEJ more than any other politician but all I see in his time is all forms of immaturity in governance. Sometimes I wonder if he's a blood sucker.

    I believe it is not by accident all these are happening, everybody should rethink and go back to God in prayer, He is the only way out. For sure, those guys had bright future and their destiny was the envy of their detractors. Adiu O' HEROES

  5. Seriously I don't know this 4guys from uniport but am really touched abt wat heart can't stop weeping I want justice 2 be done.

  6. Ohhhhhh God!!!!! I'm bittered! Heart broken! My heart iz heavy! It'z vewie painful! If mi myslf n oda 9jerians can feel dis bittered, annonyed n angry ƜƐƝ we aren't even related 2 dem.. How wil d parents ov d deceased feel!! I can't even slip well @ 9te.. Human beings are wicked! Xo 1 persn 4rm d crowd cldnt stand up 4 dem???? Such wickdnex.. I'm short ov words.. Vewie heart breaking! Gosh!!!
    Dose devils felt plesure doin such 2 human beings.. Sme animals dnt even die d way dose innocent boiz died! He hu kills by d sword, must die by d sword!!!!! Justice must prevail! May d gentle soul ov dose boiz REST IN PERFECT PEACE.. ƜƐƝ justice haz bin done

  7. God arise in ur anger and destroy those idiots of aluu community that have no respect for lives that u created. Never again shall they know peace and progress. Those guilty of this crime shell drink their tears and taste their blood as food. They shall have no 1 to comfort them wen they weep. Lloyd, tekena, ugo, chidiaka, stand up and fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It's like bringin sodom to perish God should bring dis aluu community to perish atleast enough blood has been spilled dere nahwah ohh God help us. Ma fear of schooling in outside ma state. Justice should be carried out

  9. I do not nid a proof 2show weda Any of d boyz mother died afta watching d vedio of thier brutal killing or not.Am sure every1 knws wht walking corpse means?physical death is much more preferred 2psychological death and trauma.To start with,since d president is too weak 2act and cannot fish out d culprits of d young dudes,for sum inconsiquential reasons,mayb his kids b kidnapped den we'll confirm of a truth,if he's indeed a headless head!Gud riddance 2bad rubbish.dat God forsaking community shld b turned in2 a football field and All d houses including d chief's b burnt in2 ashes.

  10. I don't know any of the boys but these guys din't deserve to die like this. I am kenyan but miles away i braved myself to watch the whole video and cried myself to sleep. aluu people you have cursed you generations to come

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