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Style 101 Host Doctor Idia Is The Perfect Fashion Girl!

If you’re a Nigerian and you love fashion there is a pretty huge chance you’ve come across the ever stylish Doctor Idia who hosts Spice TV‘s Style 101 – one of every Nigerian fashion lover favorite shows which critiques fashion in the most fun way with her amazing guests. Whilst Style 101 has many highlights, the ever fashionable Idia almost always outshines it all and is oftentimes the center of the show as she dazzles in impeccable makeup and gorgeous outfits that leaves you with a classic case of wardrobe envy.

Idia shines like the fashion star she is regardless of if she is on the set, on the Gram on the red carpet or on the sidewalk, the fashionable media girl just can’t stop slaying as she is always found draped in gorgeous pieces usually from talented Nigerian designers. Idia’s style is so inherently feminine and very much beautiful as she doesn’t ever shy away from colours that pop or outfits which accentuate her body shape rather she runs in their direction and embraces it in all it’s glory and spins around to stunt on us in as the fashion goddess she is.

Talk may be cheap but pictures aren’t! So here are pictures to prove Idia is a slayer!


Photo credit: [email protected]

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