Guys Only: 7 Signs That Should Stop You From Marrying Her

Every human is desirous of procreating and staring a family of their own. To be fair, it is embedded in our DNA; that need to connect with a special someone and start a new family together. As it is almost instinctual, the need to find the one person you want to live with for the rest of your life can be a daunting task.

Some are lucky enough to stumble on the person through a mutual fun, while some other literally walk into the life of their God-created significant other by accident. While some others kiss a lot of frogs before they find their prince charming, if fairy tales are anything to go by.

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It often leads to mind bugging decisions when a man is prepared mentally but can’t seem to find who they want. It’s worse when societal pressure comes knocking at the door, counting days till you won’t be fit to walk down the aisle (like it were written anywhere there’s an age limit).

In the wake of such pressure, most men settle for just any lady they deem fit in starting life with, only to get married and realise they had made the worst of decisions. This article will attempt to save you from such incident. AMONPOINT will be sharing with you some basic things which help you determine if indeed she is not the best marriage material.

1. When she often lies

Lies is the best sign for you to know that your lady is just not marriage material. In relationships, trust is very key. The attitude of lying is one which is so difficult to deal with. Not even you, the prospective husband, could help her get out of this attitude. Run away when you realize this she finds it difficult to come clean with you.

2. When she stops you from seeing her family

Any lady who gives excuses as to why you can’t see her family might be having doubts about you marrying her. It’s either that or the case that she is scared her parents might reject your proposal. In this confusing development, you need to find out from her what exactly the reason could be, But if she still insists you can’t meet her family then just know that she iss not ready.

3. When you always have to start a conversation

Ladies are gifted with the talent of being good communicators. However, it gets worrying when this talent is not translated into a relationship. It is expected that 90 percent of women in relationships call or text their male partners more than the men themselves do. But if you realize the opposite in your relationship, when you get to find out she never calls or texts, then maybe you must take a decision.

4. When she is so rude

No lady who truly loves her man will be constantly rude to her man. Being rude to someone means you either hate the person or are just not into that person. Should this constantly happen then you must know that you are just not in her circle. Marrying such a rude lady could spell doom for you.

5. When she is not ambitious, always procrastinating

Marriage is not all about you the man, it is also about the lady. So when you realize that the lady is not driven enough, she always says “I will do it tomorrow, next week…and so on” then just know that she is just not serious about her life. A procrastinating wife poses a grave threat to her family. Avoid her if you realize that all efforts to change her is just not working.

6. When she always has issues with men

You get to find a cheating future wife from the beginning of your relationship. It’s very simple! Do you always get threats from men who say your lady is theirs, or you always find her moving out with men? If you realize that your lady is in a web of love triangles then just know that she will be giving you huge troubles.

7. When she just does not want to settle down

Ever heard her say “I am not ready, will let you know when I am?” If so then you must be having a second thought especially when she always tells you this whenever you pop up the issue of marriage. A woman will always be happy to find out her man is ready to get married to her. But if she always shifts aside the question, if she always tells you to take your time, if she always avoids the topic of marriage then just know she is just not ready to have you as a husband. Don’t waste your time….move on.

‘The Centre for Memories’ Museum Launches Inaugural Exhibition in Enugu

The Centre for Memories, a non-governmental organization that aims to become the leading hub for Igbo history, culture, and excellence, formally launched its inaugural exhibition on December 28th 2017 at Awgu Street, Independence Layout Enugu.

The exhibition titled, ‘Ola Ndi Igbo: Igbo Contributions to Nigeria and the World until 1970’, detailed significant contributions of Ndigbo in various spheres of human endeavour including the arts, sciences, education, sports, literature, enterprise, etc.

Directors of the Centre for Memories – Nkem Nweke, Nkiru Okpareke, Jude Ilo, Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe, Chairman and Patron, Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, Innocent Chukwuma, Representative Ford Foundation Office of West Africa, Hubert Eze and Uche Unigwe

The exhibition included photos, artefacts, and profiles of some of the most illustrious Ndigbo, in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Guests used the “Wall of Memories” to capture their most enduring memories most of which were about the legacies of the Civil War. The exhibition was designed by Uzoma Okoye, MD of Etu Odi Communications and curated by Ifeanyi Onwuegbucha.

The Centre for Memories is a repository of the history and culture of Ndigbo and aims to inform and empower leaders to serve with excellence and integrity.  The Centre’s primary purpose is the conservation and promotion of Igbo history, arts and culture through a combination of activities including exhibitions, dialogue sessions, scholarly research, Igbo language classes, book readings, activities for children, and an artisanal corner for pottery, blacksmithing, uli body art, and other forms of Igbo artistry.

The opening ceremony was held at Ofu Obi African Centre, a few blocks away from the Centre for Memories. His Majesty, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe, the 21st Obi of Onitsha, was the Chairman of the occasion.  Other dignitaries present at the event included Frank Nweke II, Innocent Chukwuma, the Representative for Ford Foundation Office of West Africa and Monsignor Obiora Ike, the Executive Director of Globethics based in Geneva Switzerland.

The ceremony began with a rendition of the National Anthem in Igbo by the Harmonic Chorale Choir. Ikeogu Oke, winner of the 2017 Nigeria Prize for Literature, performed a number of his poems in Igbo.  The award-winning Amarachi Attamah delivered a dance performance that was very well received.  Other acts included a solo rendition by the songstress, Nonye Umahi, and a glorious rendition by the Glorious Choir.

The current exhibition will last until the end of March 2018.  The Centre has released its 2018 calendar of exhibitions that will cover a range of subjects including Igbo women and achievements, Uli Art, the origins of Ndigbo, Technology and innovations in Igboland, etc.

The Centre for Memories is under the stewardship of the founding directors: Nkiru Okparaeke, Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, Nkem Nweke, Jude Iloh, and Patrick Okigbo III.

The patrons of the Centre include Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe, Tonye Cole, Dr. Stella Chinyelu Okoli OON, Prof. Patrick Okedinachi Utomi, Austin Okere, Commodore Okoh Ebitu Ukiwe, GCON and Prof. Rina Okonkwo serves as the Historian in Residence.

See photos:

Nigeria’s Bobsled Team Features on Latest Installment of Beats By Dre’s #AboveTheNoise

Beats by Dr. Dre has launched the latest installment of its global “Above The Noise” campaign featuring Nigeria’s first bobsled team. Starring Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga, the piece highlights how the athletes are making history and performing at the highest echelon with a determined and masterful focus.

The digital short combines footage of the team’s races alongside shots of their intense preparation in Nigeria, showcasing their unwavering drive and ability to stay above the chaos, fears and other “noise” in order to succeed. The spot also shares how the women have pushed themselves and each other constantly to traverse new territory for themselves, for Nigeria and for Africa.

G-Eazy and Zoe Nash’s “The Beautiful & Damned” further captures this sentiment as the campaign’s track.

This digital short was launched alongside Beats by Dre’s winter sports film starring Shaun White (US), Lindsey Vonn (US), Jamie Anderson (US), Kevin Rolland (France), Ayumu Hirano (Japan) and Sui Wenjing and Han Cong (China).

Watch the video below:

Here Is Why Adekunle Gold Will Forever Remain Grateful To Olamide

The Nigerian urban life singer, Adekunle Gold who quit his job as a brand manager for a social media brand activation company in 2014 to focus on his music, was barely getting recognition in the industry until he got noticed by YBNL, owned by Olamide.

But since signing to YBNL in 2015, which he quit a year later after his deal expired, Adekunle Gold has not only become a household name, he has been able to create his own unique sound with a large fan base.

Speaking in a recent interview, the ‘Sade’ singer recalled that his first trip outside the shores of the country was thanks to Olamide.

He said:

“YBNL moved me. I had Sade before YBNL and it was already getting popular. When I got signed to the label, we shot the video and it became like a sensation everywhere.

Getting signed to YBNL took me to London for the first time. That was in 2015. So, YBNL changed everything for me. I am grateful to Olamide for all the support and inspiration”

When asked on the project he is currently working on, the singer said a new sophomore album is in the works and is slated for release first quarter of 2018.

Find Out What Nigerian Celebrities Are Saying About The Trending H&M Racist Hoodies

Recently, Fashion outlet H&M released a photo of a young black boy wearing a cardigan that has ‘coolest Monkey in the jungle’ inscribed on it while A white boy wore an orange cardigan that has survival expert on it.

As celebrities around the world continue to use their platforms to address this unfortunate racist act, Nigerian celebrities like Susan Peter and Uti Nwachukwu are not left out .

While Susan strongly insists that H&M did that intentionally and are all of a sudden apologizing, Uti Nwachukwu is of the opinion that the parents of the boy have to be questioned on why they would allow him be used for such an advert. He says only Money loving parents would have allowed their child be used for such an ad.

Here’s what they shared:

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Buys A Car For His Church Member & Gospel Artiste, Ada (Photos)

Gospel Artiste and Member of Christ Embassy Church Ada Ehi Just got a brand new car from their General Overseer, Chris Oyakhileome, The excited lady said she has never bought a car with her money before, and was planning to last week, Even prayed about it, But to her Surprise, God answered her prayers, when she received a brand new car at her door step, sent from her Pastor Chris, see her post below!

What Buhari Is Doing To Islamize Nigeria – Prof Nwabueze

Ben Nwabueze, Chairman of the Patriots, has rubbished the President Muhammadu Buhari-led anti-graft war, saying it’s a strategic plot to Islamise Nigeria.

He made the claim while faulting the appointment of Northerners as heads of all major security agencies and other strategic positions in the country.

Nwabueze stressed that old age was affecting Buhari’s mobilisation of Nigerians to support the eradication of corruption.

He stated this in a statement he signed entitled, “Whether the eradication of corruption is the motivating object of the on-going war against it.”

The statement reads in part, “Given that President Buhari was initially acclaimed, hailed and idolised by the people as an uncompromising spear-head of a crusade against corruption – taking crusade to mean, not just a war, but a war fought with great passion and zeal – it is significant that, in less than two years, the acclaim is giving way to cynicism about the President’s sincerity in the prosecution of the war.

“Is he really the uncompromising crusader that the public had been led to believe? There is reason to suppose that the public cynicism is the by-product of the President’s Northernisation Agenda, as it is being carried into effect by his lopsided strategic appointments which are so manifestly skewed in favour of the North and against the South.

“Viewed from the standpoint of the war against corruption, it is significant that all the key officials involved, even if it be indirectly, in the prosecution of the war are northerners appointed by President Buhari since his inauguration as President on 29 May, 2015. A list of such appointees shows this assertion to be an incontrovertible fact.

“Babachir Lawal, Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF; appointed in preference to a hotly tipped candidate from the South-East; after his removal following allegation of diversion of funds meant for persons displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East, he was replaced by another northerner, Boss Mustapha, again in preference to a rumoured candidate from the South-East.

“Maj-General Babagana Monguno, rtd, National Security Adviser, NSA, replacing (Col) Dasuki, NSA under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Alhaji Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to the President, replacing Brig-Gen Jones Oladehinde, rtd, the holder of the office under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Ibrahim Idris, IGP, appointed over the heads of some southern officers senior to him. The IGP is heading a Police Force, the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, in which 15 out of the 22 Assistant Inspectors-General of Police, AIG, who exercise much of the function of the operational control of the Force, are northerners, while three are from the South-West and two from the South-East.

“These blatantly lopsided appointments, all of which were made since the inception of the Buhari Administration, portray the NPF as an army of occupation deliberately designed to carry into effect President Buhari’s Northernisation Aganda in furtherance of the dream of the Sardauna to reduce the South to a conquered territory and thereby prevented from having control over its future.

“The President’s implacable opposition to re-structuring which envisages the establishment of State Police should not, therefore, surprise us. He wants to be able to continue to exercise control over the internal security of the Southern States and to continue to hold them hostage. It caricatures true federalism that a constituent state in a Federation should be under the control and yoke of the Federal Government in the matter of its internal security.

“Daura, Director-General, Department of State Services, DSS, replacing Ita Ekpenyong; apart from the DG, the directors are mostly northerners. The control of the NPF and DSS by northerners must be taken together with the fact that the Minister of Interior and the Permanent Secretary of the ministry are northerners; that the Army and Air Force are headed by northerners; and, above all that President Muhammadu Buhari, a northerner, is the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, and has the power under the Constitution to direct the operational use of the NPF for the maintenance and securing of public safety and public order; his power to direct the operational use of the DSS is even more plenary.

“The implication of the control of security by northerners is that the security of Nigeria and Nigerians is an exclusively northern affair, thereby putting the rest of us at their mercy.

“Abubakar Malami SAN, Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, AGF, a young SAN, who was raised to the rank in 2008, i.e. seven years before his appointment as AGF.

“Lt-Gen Abdulrahman Danbazau, rtd, Minister of Interior. viii: Magaji Abubakar, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior; he has publicly admitted to have wrongfully sidetracked the Head of Service, HoS, Mrs Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita, a southerner, in the reinstatement of Abdulrasheed Maina, and has apologized to her accordingly: see the Vanguard of December 1, 2017.

“Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC; still kept in office in an acting capacity since 9 November, 2015 because of repeated refusal by the Senate to confirm his appointment. “Hamed Ibrahim Ali, Controller-General, Nigerian Customs Services; customs is the underbelly of corruption in Nigeria.

“Mohammad Babandede, Controller-General Nigerian Immigration Services; immigration stands implicated in Maina’s escape out of Nigeria after his sack from the civil service and his subsequent re-entry into it.

“Amb. Muhammed Dauda, Acting Director-General National Intelligence Agency, NIA, replacing Ayo Oke, a southerner; after he was sacked, following the discovery in the NIA offices in the Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, of the sum of $43 million, £27,800 and N23 million.

“Alhaji Amed Idris, Accountant-General of the Federation, replacing Jonah Ogunniyi Otunla, a southerner. Maitanti Baru, Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, replacing Ibe Kachukwu, a southerner, who, as Minister of State for Petroleum and Chairman, NNPC Board, was sidelined by Baru in the process for the award of some NNPC contracts; earlier he has been downgraded from Minister of Petroleum to Minister of State for Petroleum, with the President taking over as his own Petroleum Minister.

“Abdulrasheed Maina, Chairman, Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform; although his initial appointment took place before the Buhari Administration, his reinstatement after he was sacked occurred during that Administration, with the President’s approval as the evidence shows…

“There are of course other lopsided strategic appointments, such as the appointment of Professor Mahmood Yakubu as Chairman, Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, and Hadiza Bala-Usman as Head of the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA. The listed appointments raise critical issues as to the intention or design behind them.

“They look like a swoop on the South, a jihad designed to foist Northern domination, or even subjugation, on the South in pursuance of the Sarduna’s agenda, announced as far back as 1960, tosubjugate the South and reduce it to a conquered territory, with the object of preventing it from havingcontrol over its future,” an agenda which President Buhari, in a speech in May 2015 as President-elect, re-echoed and vowed to carry to a finish.


“What other reason could there be for concentrating in the North the appointments to all the positions vital to the effective prosecution of the war against corruption? We need to be told. One hopes that the order for the purchase of war planes from the U.S., ostensibly to fight Boko Haram terrorism, is not connected with the hidden agenda for a jihad.”

Apostle Johnson Suleiman Finally Breaks Silence On Benue Killings

Apostle Johnson Suleiman, of Omega Fire Ministry, has vowed to fight those fighting Christians, across the country.

Suleman gave the warning while declaring that he’s not afraid of being arrested.

In a tweet via his verified twitter handle, the fiery preacher berated pastors who have been silent over the killing of Christians in the North.

Stressing that he is, “born for this,”the controversial clergy man stated that, “true Christians” will join him in his fight.

He wrote: “I don’t fear media or arrest.. not any threat. Am born for this. I will fight those who fight Christians and true Christians will join me.

“Pastors in Nigeria are quiet at the killings of northern Christians cos dey are afraid of arrest and media been set up against them. Shame.”

The Auchi-born Pastor also berated foreign media outlets for their silence on the killings of Christians in Benue, Taraba States respectively.

“Shame that @CNN,@BBCBreaking news are silent at the killings of Northern Christians…It was Adamawa, Benue and now it’s Taraba. where next?, he tweeted.

Governor Ambode Hosts Asisat Oshoala at Lagos House

The Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode hosted 3-time African Female Footballer of the Year Asisat Oshoala at the Lagos House, Ikeja.

Ambode, on his Instagram, shared a photo of the two of them meeting. He wrote:

3rd time African Female Footballer of the Year, Asisat Oshoala, was our guest at Lagos House, Ikeja. Asisat is a sport ambassador of Lagos and we are proud of her achievements.

See the post below:

What God told me about Buhari, Super Eagles, Igbo presidency, Others – Bishop Eze

Founder and General Overseer of the Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries, Bishop Okwudili Eze, has revealed what God told him about 2018.

Bishop Eze’s revelation carries what God told him concerning the Super Eagles of Nigeria, and the 2018 World Cup in Russia; the Nigerian currency, the Naira; Nigeria’s leading political party, the All Progressives Compress, APC; the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP; and the much talked about Igbo presidency.

The cleric also made predictions concerning mysterious assassinations of political heavyweights in the country. He talked about a clash between the Governor of Kaduna State and a former Governor of Lagos State and national leader of the APC, Bolaji Ahmed Tinubu.

He also warned that the Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu, may lose his mantle as the governor of the state to the APC.

Read full prophecy:

“There shall be some signs of economic recovery in Nigeria not because of the government policies but because of the mercies of God that he wants to pour afresh on the nation because of the elect.

“A golden era shall open for the super eagles in 2018. If they connect to hard-work and discipline, their glory days are here. There is grace on them for mega global impact.

“The naira shall gradually begin to recover in value and its worth, will soon be appreciated by the citizens and global market.

“APC shall experience internal party crises that may split the party into two opposing factions. The common bond that brought them together shall begin to break. I see a great break away. El-rufai camp versus Tinubu camp.

“Nigerians should pray against the spirit of sudden and pre-mature death amongst her citizens. Destructive rainfall and flood should be prayed against. Increase in organ diseases amongst Nigerians must also be prayed against.

“Mysterious assassination and unexplainable road accidents must be prayed against.

“Igbo presidency in 2023 is divine and ordained by God. However, the Northern Oligarchy is having headache concerning the Igbo man that they can entrust with power who will not tamper with the present power structure and be loyal to them.

“All the Igbo sons who are secretly positioning for the post shall be disappointed for God has prepared a David with a rod of Dominion to rule for him in 2023. If the north tampers with this divine agenda, they can’t contain the restiveness that would shake the land.

“Governor Ikpeazu should pray seriously that the rulership mantle does not depart from him. There is a great conspiracy by power brookers to replace him by all means. Should Abia state be governed by APC?

“If PDP shall hearken to the call for internal party restructuring and to give the younger generation a chance for rulership, the lost glory of the party shall be restored.

“Scandal of corruptions looming on some of President Buhari’s ministers. A strong wind that would open the buttocks of the fowl is coming heavily. I see sudden ministerial shake up mid-year.

“The hand of judgement shall come heavily on kidnappers, those selling human parts and pedophiles mightily and their sponsors massively exposed and dealt with.

“The dividends of jubilee shall begin to manifest on the Igbo nation. A lot of Igbo sons and daughters shall begin to come into unusual prominence and limelight in the committee of nations. And the enemies that have plagued them for years shall be humiliated before them and their strength depart from them forever.

“The elements and forces of life shall fight those who would gather to resist the visitation of God on the seeds of covenant. Great leaders, discoveries and trans-generational impact shall begin to spring out of the Igbo nation to other nations.

“Biafra is not a physical dominion but a mental, philosophical, economical and spiritual dominion.”

How to Check And Verify Your Voter’s Card Status Online

As 2019 beckons, Nigerians can now check and verify their Voter’s card online through the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, portal.

You can check your voter status by entering your details in the form on this page.

To check follow:


2 Fill the form below to check your status

– State of Residence:

– Surname

– Voter Identification Number (VIN)- last 7 digits or Use your date of birth

Edit 3. Search Status

Why President Muhammad Buhari Is My Hero – N-Power Beneficiary

I am a female graduate of Tai-solarin University of Education, Ogun state with a BSc Certificate in Industrial Chemistry. The forlorn hope about the future started gripping me two months to graduation, driving me to a point of sickness. I came from a poor family not privileged to have the right connection for people like me to secure a job after graduation.

I got sick more and more listening to stories of frustration told by those who graduated before me. Many of them, out of frustration became apprentices to learn menial jobs. Many who languished under inclement weather of bad economy turned to prostitution to eke out life. Many ended up as mere servants in the homes of even the middle class, contending with attendant insults and low self-esteem. Even those who got supposedly good jobs lament bitterly about poor pay and treatment of ignominy by the agencies who recruited them. Majority of young graduates, I know are still in their parents homes, degenerating by the day. I had prayed every day to God to make my case different. Yes, there were few privileged graduates who earned good jobs, yet, they could be counted on fingertips, I had hoped to be one of them.

After graduation in 2014, I was posted to Kebbi State in 2015 for mandatory National Youths Service. I love Kebbi for the peace and tranquility it offered, coming from the southwestern part of Nigeria. Within a year of my service in Kebbi, I opened my mind to the possibility of becoming a rice merchant. This is because, Kebbi by the grace of the Anchor Borrowers Programme initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had become a leading state in the growth of rice. My plan then was to purchase rice in bags and transfer them down south to start a business as a graduate after my NYSC programme. It was a solid plan, which I would have initiated for others to follow, all things being equal

Bright as the idea of becoming a rice merchant looked, I had the excitement cut short by my Local Government Inspector in Kebbi, Alhaji Idris who raised the issue of huge capital as the first requirement. I had no idea of how to raise over a million naira to start the business. Yet, I was hopeful. After completing my NYSC year in Kebbi, I returned to Ibadan, Oyo State to start counting on mother luck to bail me out. Nothing was forth coming until six months after when my lovely father put a call across to me to intimate me of a programme initiated by the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, called N-Power; offer of job opportunities to 200, 000 young Nigerian graduates.

I did not appreciate the initial efforts by my father to link me up with N-Power. I had always regarded any programme from the federal government in that line, a ruse. My father persisted and had one day referred me to a statement by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo that the programme was real. Osinbajo, in that report, impressed it on young graduates not to waste the opportunity, being part of President Buhari’s passion to mop up unemployment under his government. Incidentally, he was the Anchor of N-Power.

Owing to ceaseless efforts from daddy, I registered on line for N-Power on the very closing day, just to make him happy! I never placed hope on the efforts because of cynicism and bias I had against anything from the government. But six months after I turned in the application, I heard the rumour that names of beneficiaries had been shortlisted and published. Truly, some of those who were shortlisted came back pumping hands and getting pats on the back. It never occurred to me to make an effort to check. But I did because my father again prodded me to do so. I made the list and it was incredible, very unbelievable! I did not depend on the usual connection or link to pull through. The opportunity came on merit, just like that. Awesome! That was on November 21, 2016. From that day, President Muhammadu Buhari who many love to castigate became my own hero!x

I went for the mandatory screening exercise in December 2016 and was finally selected. I was posted to Ewekoro Local Government area in Ogun State and resumed as a teacher on January 9, 2017. I appreciate the privileged to serve in that capacity. Since joining the N-Power scheme, I noticed that the government has never failed in paying up as at when due, monthly. Now, I reckon with the power and importance of the scheme. I was able to acquire additional skills and knowledge on Social Development, while also gaining from the study habits of the people through the other initiatives the government provided.

I am prodded to write my experience with the N-Power initiative, first to appreciate the concern by the Buhari’s government had on the high level of unemployment in Nigeria and the need to solve the problem. Most importantly, I intend to use this write up to beg the government for more.

For me, N-Power is a good initiative designed to solve the riddle of life for 200, 000 young graduates and providing hope for them. I urged the government to offer permanent employment to all the beneficiaries while opening fresh avenues for more young graduates to benefit. I make this appeal because the programme ends this year. Then, it is out of place for the government to throw the beneficiaries into the labour market again, after investing in them.

I seize this opportunity to thank the government of Ogun State under the able leadership of Senator Ibikunle Amosun for being very accommodating and hospitable to benefiicaries of N-Power. His government has promised not to let the worthy beneficiaries down. We will continue to count on his promise too.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo deserves praise because of his steadfastness in making success out of N-Power. For me, he is the reason the programme was not hijacked by the very greedy and insatiable political leaders, either at the state level or federal.

I end by saying that no matter the machinations by the opponents against the government of President Buhari that means well for the youths, we the beneficiaries of N-Power will always appreciate it for what it stands for. I join others in praying for the continued success of the President and his government.

God bless President Muhammadu Buhari!

God bless Nigeria

-Omolayo Osunbayo (Miss)

Why Herdsmen Are Killing People – Taraba Governor

Killer-herdsmen have extended their bloody campaign to Taraba State, killing 55 people in Lau Local Government Area.

About 200 homes and huge piles of foodstuff were destroyed. Many people are missing in the attacks, which began last weekend.

Twenty-five bodies were recovered and given a mass burial on Tuesday when reporters and Bala Dan Abu, a media assistant to Taraba State Governor Darius Ishaku, visited the area.

Policemen and soldiers cordoned off the area as the burial was hurriedly done by angry youths amid fear of the attackers coming for them.

“You know, I don’t like witnessing a funeral; what more, a mass burial like this,” Bala said, fighting back tears.

The affected area was deserted like a ghost town. Policemen and soldiers were on patrol.

Those buried were mostly children, women and elderly persons. Most of the bodies were recovered from burnt houses, bush paths and farmlands. The bodies had swollen.

Sources said some of the victims tried to escape from the marauders, but were hacked down by another set of herdsmen who ambushed them in large numbers.

The invaders used mostly “sophisticated guns and poisoned knives” to carry out the massacre, described by many as “genocide”.

Those who survived the herdsmen’s bullets are taking refuge in Abari, a settlement.

The bereaved spoke of their harrowing experiences when reporters visited the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

“Herdsmen are killing people in Lau,” Governor Darius Ishaku told The Nation on telephone on Tuesday night.

Ishaku attributed killings by Fulani herdsmen in some parts of the country, to a “drive for territorial control”.

He blamed the elite for masterminding the violence for their political and economic interests. He urged Nigerians to pray for the country.

Taraba State Police Command confirmed the killings. Spokesman David Misal said the situation was calm yesterday.

Misal, who had earlier reported the casualty figures as 12 when the attack began, said “enough security personnel have been deployed in the area”. What we are doing now is to build confidence in the people.”

The Lau incident is the latest act of unprovoked aggression against communities in Taraba State by Fulani herdsmen.

On his facebook page yesterday, Dan Abu posted a lamentation:

He said: “Tears flowed freely on Tuesday in several communities in Lau, Taraba State, as youths in the area buried 25 corpses of their parents and children murdered last weekend by Fulani herdsmen who invaded their villages.

“Most of those killed were women, children and the aged who could not escape the gun and knife wielding herdsmen who invaded their communities at about 3pm on Friday, January 5.

“At least 25 corpses recovered from burnt houses, bush paths and nearby farms where the victims tried to hide from the killer Fulani herdsmen were buried on Tuesday.

“A combined team of armed soldiers and police men provided them security cover to enable them complete the funeral rites.

“Many of the youths spoke of their missing relations, burnt houses, farms, food items and other valuables as they sobbed profusely while talking to a group of jourlaists that visited them in Abari where most of those who survived the attacks escaped to.

“The Lau attack is the latest act of unprovoked aggression against communities in Taraba State by Fulani herdsmen. No fewer than 55 lives were lost, according to the accounts of the villagers while over 200 houses were burnt.”

Taraba State Commissioner of Police, David Akinremi, on Tuesday visited the affected area to see things for himself. Although no arrest were made. The police chief said “the attackers came from neighbouring Adamawa State, where they are already at war with the Bachama ethnic group.”

Some victims lamented their ordeals to this medium. David Jonathan, a cleric from Katebu tribe, in an emotion-laden voice, said “we don’t deserve this, because we didn’t provoke anyone.”

VIDEO: Kiss Daniel Fulfills His Promise, Takes His Only Bother To Dubia.

Fly Boi Inc Hit Maker Kiss Daniel Recalls Back to A particular Song Called Gobe on his New Era Album, which he talked About how he lost his mum and Dad at that period and how his only brother uthy_omg was jammed inside a tipper truck, but it seems the fly boi inc just fulfilled the part mentioned in the song “if you survive i go carry you go dubia” As he just shared a video relating to that story.

Video Below.

“President Buhari Is The Worst President In The World” – Skales


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Skales has taken to his social space to blast President Buhari, says he is the worst president in the world.

The “Shake Body” crooner stated this on his Twitter page.

According to him, President Buhari deceived people into voting him in.

He wrote;

Buhari is the worst president in the world yes I said it ….this human abuse has to stop …u lied to us wen I wanted to be voted in …shame !!! I love my country and I want the best for my country

Many of his followers agree with him, as they believe President Buhari should not re-contest in the 2019 general elections.

Face of Okija 2017 Celebrates Igbo Culture

The event started with the arrival of His Majesty, Ooni of Ife, who stayed from start to finish. The National Anthem was beautifully delivered by Idols Nigeria winner KPeace. The event opening was fantastic. A line up of brilliantly well assembled performers from different Igbo cultural heritage, from Udubunch Ogene dance, Akalaka Dance Group, Ogbuoja Ndi Igbo, Ohafia War Dance, Agaba Arochukwu plus more. Not forgetting DeClassical Arts & Entertainment‘s highlight of the day, ‘Ununcha’, a magnificent stage play made for a global stage.

The audience was electrifying, the event centre filled to capacity, all on their feet as Flavour performed his smash hit song ‘Chimamanda’.  Selebobo was intriguing, as never seen before. Coolness at its finest, a very professional delivery. Akpasuwag Zoro, onye ogene, had masquerades and dancers all on the stage in full fledged entertainment like no other. Was truly a cultural event as almost all performers delivered their acts in traditional regalia.

ObiJackson Foundation, took some time in between the performances to thank the guests and  also presented their social responsibility programs, past, present and future. The organization focuses on children and women’s health and various forms of assistance to the poor and needy.

This fourth edition of the Face of Okija  focused on empowering the physically challenged that possesses different kinds of musical ability. Hence the Talent Hunt segment of the 2017 Face of Okija. The group G5 won among four ‘4’ other finalist contestants, Okafor Joshua (Rock & Roll music), Nwokedi Amarachi(Reggae), Meshach Odion of Pacelli School of the Blind Lagos and Comedian Onyemaechi Anderson. All  visually impaired.

The winner’s prize includes a music production by an A list producer and a Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N 500,000) cash prize. Congratulations!

Also during the event, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo led by the amiable President, General Dr John Nnia Nwodo and other Chieftains such as Emeka Ugwu-Oju of NESH, conferred awards of honour on some great Igbo entrepreneurs. Recipients of the award were: Dr Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi, (Founder Nestoil & Obijackson Group), Sir Emma Bishop Okonkwo (Founder Ekulo Group) Chief Nnaeto Orazulike, (Founder Genesis Group),  Chief Chidi Anyaegbu (Founder Chisco Group of companies), Chief Allen Ifechukwu Onyema (Founder Air Peace). It was a colourful and well attended event.

To bring the 2017 Face of Okija to a close, Dr Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi, GMD Obijackson Group delivered an eloquent vote of thanks.

See more photos from the event:

The 2018 Edition comes your way 29th December.

Face of Okija simply means the sights and sounds, culture and tradition, people and food, beauty in everything about Okija Town, Anambra State.

#NotTooYoungToRun! Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi Registers Political Party “Modern Democratic Party”

bill passed, Nigerian youths have begun to actively participate in politics in the country.

Prince BK has registered a new political party, the Modern Democratic Party(MDP).

Tola Odunsi shared the news on his Instagram, describing the move as a bold step. He wrote:

It’s time for the Nigerian youth to truly participate in politics and take positions that ultimately affect us all . My brother @princebk has taken a bold step and registered a political party – Modern Democratic Party . The future is now . #nottoyoungtorun#2019#nomorestories

See the post below:


3 Young Nigerian Artists Showcase Their Creativity in Art Exhibition Themed, ‘Tokunbo’

Over the years, art collection in Nigeria has been predominantly associated with established art connoisseur such as Yemisi Shyllon, the late Rasheed Gbadamosi and the likes, but it appears the industry is fast beginning to experience a new wave of change with the creative ingenuity of young lads such as Kamal Adisa, Abayomi Lamiwa and Simisola Babalola who have shown that indeed ‘the glass ceiling can be broken’.

At the National Museum, Onikan, Lagos, where an exhibition themed, Tokunbo was held on Saturday, December 30th, 2017, the trio of Kamal, Lamiwa and Simisola showcased their works, bringing to bear their ingenuity in different aspects of art.

For Kamal Adisa, who is a Nigerian born Visual Artist, the exhibition created an avenue to demonstrate his painting skills in reflection of his African roots. Speaking on the motivation for his works, Adisa noted that a predominant part of them was informed by his environment – the African socio-cultural environment.


Kamal Adisa, with one of his works

“Some of the paintings you see today were inspired by the environment where I grew up. Almost everything in Nigeria holds a rich pool of history and my love for searching the stories behind them inspires me to create art with a deep cultural meaning,” Adisa said.

As against the notion of a second-hand material from abroad, for which “Tokunbo” is widely regarded in Nigeria, the young artist noted that being away from Nigeria for studies had made himself and his friends understand that foreign ideas being customized to the Nigerian culture makes them a special type of “Tokunbo”, which should be appreciated for its artistic expressions which mostly puts on display the present state of Nigeria.

Kamal Adisa with his friends and parents at the exhibition

Meanwhile, the trio who are made up of two male visual artists and a visual storyteller, have since been receiving plaudits for their creative ingenuity on the exhibition. One of the dignitaries who graced the occasion, Omo-Oba Yemisi Shyllon expressed delight at the creativity witnessed at the exhibition. Shyllon, who is Africa’s leading art collector, expressed gladness that these new breeds of art lovers are ready to take the world by storm through their artistic wizardry.

Shyllon also commended the parents of the trio for supporting their wards to develop this globally appreciated skill. Other dignitaries present at the exhibition include the son of late business mogul, Kola Abiola, Chief Executive Officer of Noah’s Ark Communication Limited, Lanre Adisa and his wife, Adewunmi Fawehinmi, Bukky Asehinde, CEO of and her husband, amongst others.

Kamal Adisa is a student of Communication Design at New York-based Parson School of Design. He showcased a collection of about 20 different paintings made on the Ankara fabric as canvas, while Abayomi Lamiwa, a law student at UK’s Lancaster University presented some of his unique paintings like “Queen Idiat,” “Fela,” “Sango”, “Obinrin” and many others.

On her own, 17-year-old Simisola Babalola, who clinched the 2017 Best Female Photographer award at the Nigeria Teens Choice Award, showcased stunning works of photography including those of an old, now demolished house at Epe-Tedo; a motor park at Ojodu Berger amongst other images.

A cross section of guest at the exhibition

Kamal Adisa works being exhibited

Kamal Adisa works being exhibited


Another of Kamal Adisa’s works

FG To Create 1million Jobs Through Eggs Production  – Minister

The Federal Government said on Tuesday egg production, processing and marketing could create no fewer than one million jobs through its National Egg Production (NEGPRO) Scheme.

Chief Audu Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, made this known in Abuja at a meeting with the Technical Committee on National Egg Production.


File Photo

Ogbeh expressed optimism that the country would be self-sufficient in egg production through the scheme, by which poultry value chain would be developed across the 36 states of the country including FCT.

The minister said the scheme would be inaugurated in Ondo State and subsequently in other states of the country.

“The ministry will work with the committee and with the support of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), we will achieve the goal of the scheme.

“Unless we deal with the problem of food, Africa cannot survive,’’ he said.

The Chairman of the committee, Mr Toyin Taiwo, said in a document that the scheme was aimed at strengthening egg production, processing and consumption in the country.

Taiwo, who is also the Director, Animal Husbandry in the ministry, said the scheme would help diversify the economy and increase the contribution of agriculture to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

“The scheme is for the period of five years and at full operation nationwide, it is expected to provide about 50 million table eggs daily for local consumption, export, processing into egg powder for use in confectioneries and pharmaceuticals,’’ he said.

Chief Tunde Badmus, the Chairman of Tuns Farms Limited and National Anchor of the scheme, said that farmers would be given loans by the CBN to kick start egg production across the country after the flag off of the programme in states.

He listed the facilitators of the scheme to include Bank of Agriculture, the Poultry Association of Nigeria, CBN and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that in 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tuns farms to develop the scheme to improve nutrition and egg production across the country.

Top 10 Universities For Information Technology Career In Nigeria

Based on LinkedIn insight, here are the top 10 universities IT professionals attended.

University of Lagos – 276
Lagos State University – 174
University of Ibadan – 153
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology – 150
University of Benin – 142
Obafemi Awolowo University – 135
Federal University of Technology Owerri – 124
University of Ilorin – 118
Olabisi Onabanjo University – 91
Federal University of Technology Minna – 78

3 technology universities (LAUTECH, FUTO and FUTA) make the list
Again, UNILAG leads
Two first generation universities (ABU and UNN) did not make this Top 10 IT professionals producing schools list
Again, LASU and OOU the two general state universities that make the list
Image result for Information Technology Career In Nigeria

Source: LinkedIn

5 Nigerian Artistes Who Are Proud Owner Of A G-wagon (With Photos)

We noticed some trends in recent times, that most Nigerian artiste buys a G-wagon immediately they hit one mad cash, just an observation though, here are 5 of the artiste with a G-wagon.

The microphone magician AKA “MI ABAGA” acquired his own G-wagon after he hits about 100 thousand Instagram followers. his G-Wagon costs N23 million.

Kcee, the Nigerian big boy who was initially under the 5-star music, E-money being his boss, also acquired a red classy G63 G-Wagon, according to him, he said he has worked so hard to be where he is right now, that is, growing from rags to riches. From the picture, he captioned it that it was a gift from the 5-star boss E-money.

The shukku shaker, OBO, David Adeleke, the son of the billionaire also has more than one G-wagon among his other car collection, just yesterday he just added another one to the collection, a Bentley Bentyaga. his G-Wagon costs about N21 million

The indigenous local rapper and YBNL boss is also among those artistes who can boast of having a G-wagon to his name, he is known for the different names he possess as a result of his music, some of which are Baddo, Daddy miliano etc.

Even after so many years, Timaya still dey hot like fire. i remembered listening to one of ‘I go die’ comedy where he made mention that its only in Timaya house that all the witches reside, lol, but those witches didn’t really stop the man from getting a G-Wagon for himself.

“How My Dad Arrested Me When I First Started Music” – Singer, Davido Reveals

As soon as he pads into the smart lobby of a Leeds hotel, 25-year-old Nigerian pop star Davido — wearing Gucci slippers and a merch shirt from his 30 Billion world tour — is accosted by excited staff requesting selfies. One woman tells him: “I listen to your music every day!”

Davido, aka David Adedeji Adeleke, is slightly jet-lagged, but amiable. He’s arrived in Leeds to perform at the 2017 Mobo Awards, where he’ll also receive the Best African Act trophy. This isn’t Davido’s first UK trip; he’s previously packed out club shows here.

He has, however, reached a point where his success across Africa is translating into international recognition. Having signed a major label deal with Sony, his triumphant latest single “Fia” follows “If” and “Fall” (the latter tracks so far amassing 54.7m and 38m views respectively on YouTube).

David Adeleke has won Best African Act at the MTV EMAs, and in early 2018 his 30 Billion tour (which has already covered venues across the US, Spain, Djibouti, Ivory Coast and beyond) hits the UK.


“Funnily enough, this is the first time that I’ve won European awards,” says Davido, in sweetly raspy tones. “I realised that when I really focused on Africa and my culture, that’s when people started recognising me. I travel a lot, but I know the kind of environment I need to be in; I’d rather create the music at home, in Lagos. The travelling distracts me, because there’s so much going on.”

In the western music mainstream, the profile of young African talent is soaring. Of course, Africa’s vital influence on, and cross-pollination with, international music scenes, has been deep-rooted over decades; among countless examples are Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat movement and legendary 1970s Lagos hotspot The Shrine, which drew the likes of Paul McCartney to work in Nigeria.

The 21st century has seen collaborative projects such as Africa Express: launched by British musician Damon Albarn, it has connected artists from Mali, Congo, Senegal, the UK and the US. But recent years have also seen the mainstream focus on “afrobeats”: seemingly a catch-all term, yet very distinct from Fela’s polemical grooves.

Afrobeats sounds are fuelled by youth culture and catchy anthems, their vocals and rhythms laced with electronic effects. Some artists have been Brits reflecting their African heritage: take Fuse ODG, whose 2014 debut TINA (This Is New Africa) merged Ghanaian dance roots with western club production, or fellow Londoner J Hus, whose album Common Sense created a buzz this year.

Many others, such as Davido, are Nigerian talents whose success was established well before western attention: D’banj, say, who scored a 2012 hit with “Oliver Twist”, or Wizkid, who raised the roof at London’s Royal Albert Hall in September.

Afrobeats has also notably inspired work by international stars including Beyoncé and Drake. Why is it that the western mainstream has now experienced an awakening?
It’s the internet and social media,


” replies Davido, with the assurance of someone who has Nigeria’s biggest Instagram account (5.5m followers). “I’m telling you, Nigerian people have a supportive force, and an amazing energy. Beyoncé and Kanye felt it on their visits, but Nigeria has always been very big on entertainment; when I was little, a big artist would come over to play every Christmas.
“Now the music industry in Nigeria is like a government ministry; it’s worth billions. There are so many artists in Nigeria that you might not have heard of, but trust me, they’re doing well.”

Davido has never played down his own wealthy background; his 2012 debut album was entitled Omo Baba Olowo (Yoruba for “Son of a rich man”). He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a family of Nigerian entrepreneurs, and he returned to the US to study engineering; when Davido went Awol to pursue music instead, his father was decidedly unimpressed — and had him arrested upon his reappearance in Lagos.
Davido and His Official DJ, ECool


“My dad didn’t like me doing music!” laughs Davido. “If he saw my face on a billboard, he’d arrest everybody at that show! But when I made the song ‘Dami Duro’ [2011], it became the biggest track in Africa; it’s saying: ‘I’m the son of a rich man, you can’t stop me, and people love me.’ It now feels good for dad to see that music can take me this far.”

This multilingual pop wave is arguably pan-African, with artists and fans taking inspiration from countries around the continent; it highlights the rich disparity of African cultures — and the limitations of the “afrobeats” tag.

“In Nigeria, we all mix sounds together and collaborate; it’s natural,” says Davido. He prefers to call his own music “afrofusion”, with elements including hip-hop, Ghanaian high life, South African kwaito, and R&B. “It’s been generalised as afrobeats, but I have songs that sound like afropop, afrotrap . . . ”

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