Uche Jombo To The Rescue; Saves Van Vicker From SSS Detention.

Uche Jombo To The Rescue; Saves Van Vicker From SSS Detention. 1

In what can only be
described as a scene from a Nollywood movie, screen diva Uche
recently saved Ghanaian actor Van Vicker from a
real-life detention in the hands of the SSS!!

Sources revealed
to Bola Aduwo that Van Vicker was in Nigeria
a couple of days ago. Apparently he had some prop guns from America which he
planned to use in a movie. After passing all security checks, he entered the
plane and while on-board, his attention was called to by airport security to
identify what he had in his luggage. He identified that they were prop guns, the
security personnel at the airport were not convinced and said they have to get
their experts in Ikoyi to check it out! That was how Van was whisked off to the
SSS gulag in Ikoyi where he eventually passed the night! 
Just before Van was about to enter the SSS
Office, he had the presence of mind to contact his wife and a colleague, Uche
Jombo who at that time was attending the AMAAs. He BBed his situation to her and
described where he was. Unfortunately for him because of the noise at the event
and her low battery power, Uche did not see the messages till the following
morning! When she did, Uche quickly sprung into action and began to pull
strings! Van was later released but without his prop guns – Linda Ikeji.
Uche Jombo To The Rescue; Saves Van Vicker From SSS Detention. 2

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