Muna Obiekwe allegedly has a baby with a twin of the Gholden Girlz musicians

News filtering in revealed that controversial actor, Muna Obiekwe is a baby daddy.
Insiders whisper that his spitting image daughter was birthed by Treasure Daniels (one of the shocking look alike twin of the Gholden Girlz fame) who recently meandered into music.
According to the sources, there is no way you will see the daughter and doubt that it is Muna’s child. Treasure and Muna were a hot item in Nollywood when the baby mama tried her hand at acting. However, the pair broke up due to pressure from two other actresses who holed the actor in night clubs and fed him booze and what comes after that.
Muna is yet to see his love child. In fact, he doesn’t even know she exists and Treasure has been hiding her. If you see both ladies you may not know which one is the baby mama, except that you can tell them apart by their boobs as one is bigger and the bigger boobs is the baby mama.
Even the little girl calls both ladies mummy.

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