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“I Hate The Kitchen and I Am Very Wealthy” – Tonto Dikeh



"I Hate The Kitchen and I Am Very Wealthy" - Tonto Dikeh 3

Tonto Dike is the girl you want to cuddle and hate. On the one hand, she has
this likeable personality that could make you want to pass the night in her
house and pet her to sleep. On the other hand are those movie roles that make
mothers snatch the television remote control from their kids.

Tonto all we see on TV, and what is her pact with cigarettes, weeds and
‘back-for-ground-money-for-hand’ moves? She bares it all on a cozy night in the
comfort of her living room, alone with Sunday Sun……continue reading.

Do you stay
Yes, I stay alone.

You stay alone in this big building, don’t
you get scared or lonely?
I don’t get scared. Sometimes I’m lonely, but I
have friends that come over to hook up with me sometimes.

that not mean the celebrity world is lonely out there?
Yes, it is a very
lonely world, but you get to have a lot of fun and sometimes you could be

Why do you still want to be a celebrity?
I just love my job,
being a celebrity doesn’t really matter; it’s just the interest and love for the

Sometimes, when it does get really lonely, what do you do?
I try
to make myself come out of it. I think positively in everything thereby bringing
the best out of me, and basically I just don’t ever want to fail, so that’s
another reason why no matter how lonely I get, I just want to keep doing my job
and doing it well each day.

Why don’t you have a boyfriend?
Who says I don’t have one? Okay, I don’t have one.

If I were your
boyfriend, I would close from work and be here, what do you think?
things are not just really necessary at a particular time, and this is that
time, where it really isn’t necessary because sometimes they could be a

A boyfriend is a baggage?
Maybe not really a

Are you happy?
I’m excited, in terms of being happy, I am
willing to achieve more.

At this stage of your life, you should be happy,
don’t you think so?
Yeah, I am happy about my work and I know there are
better things ahead, and there are new things to be done. I am very happy, but
not satisfied.

Oliver Twist, what more do you want?
I want more
challenges in the job, more beautiful scripts, more of everything you can think

Some say you are the richest young girl around now, are you?
don’t know about that, I just know I can fend for myself.

Is acting all
you do?
No, I’m into cars as well, but acting is the major thing I

When last were you in Enugu or Asaba to shoot a movie?
I just came
back from Enugu.
I know the likes of Omotola, Genevieve, Ini Edo, Rita
have stopped going to Enugu

(Cuts in) I don’t know for
whatsoever reason they did that, but I’m still going there and I’m still going
to work there.

You’ve got tattoo on your legs, arms and I think on your
cleavage too, where else do you have a tattoo?
Talking about tattoos, I love
tattoos a lot. I just love art and everything about art; painting, poetry,
everything, and tattoo is an art I really love so much. That’s why I have

The one on your leg, what does it mean?
It seems to be in
Chinese or something? Yeah, it’s Tee. Some people call me Tee, people who are
really close to me.

I know people who call you Tontolet and some people
call you Tee; which do you like better?
I think I’m passionate about
Tontolet, maybe because Don Jazzy

What has Don Jazzy got to do with
As in the way he popularized Kokolet with D’banj.

When I met
you years back, you were in your final year and then I read somewhere that you
stopped, and I wondered why would Tonto do that? Is it true that you stopped
I didn’t stop, I finished. I struggled to finish, even though it
was really difficult, but I finished and made sure I came out with a good grade
that can make me somebody in life.

So, you are a certified petrochemical
Yes, I am.

But, you didn’t serve?
No, I didn’t, but I
think I will when everything is calm.

If you were to define wealth, what
would it be?
I think wealth is family, although wealth also comes with
material things, but primarily family; and love is what makes wealth

Would you say you are wealthy?
Oh yes, I am very

Let’s come to material wealth, how wealthy are you
I dey try.

Let’s talk about success, how would you define
I would define success as a dream come true, a dream that has
materialized. When you have a dream and you give birth to that dream and it
becomes fruitful, that’s success.

Are you successful?
Yes, I can
actually say I am successful, but like I said, I want more of everything though,
I am very happy with the level I am and how well I am doing in the

Sometimes do you feel robbed of your privacy or
Yeah, sometimes I feel robbed of my life, my privacy, though in a
good way it takes a lot from me and also gives me a lot to do.

Tonto Dike or Tonto the movie star, which would you choose?
I think I would
choose Tonto as Tonto, but with the star money.

So, you are actually
confirming that you guys make money?
Yes, of course, we do.

You were
part of Next Movie Star, were you not?
Yes, it gave me everything, my first
starting point.

Is it true you abandoned school for Next Movie

School was not in session when I went for it. I was in my house when I
went for it. I weighed everything and that was my first chance and I wasn’t
going to gamble with anything. I wasn’t going to miss much in school and if I
was to miss class, it wouldn’t be more than a week.

And you came
I was the first runner-up.

Here you are now, a celebrity, what
did you do right, what did you do wrong?
I don’t know, I guess it’s the size
of my dream. The size of my dream drove me to the success magnet. My dream is so
large I just want to be successful, and since I had this big dream, I cannot
just sit down and wait for people to give me free things. I want to make the
money myself, so I think that’s what drove me to success. But God has different
stories for everyone.

You said you want more of success, I am going to
break it down a little bit; what kind of success would you want as an
I would really like to venture into Hollywood, that’s like the
biggest dream for me right now, and I am hoping it would happen, if that
happens, that would be my perfect idea of success.

For you as a person,
what has stardom robbed you of?
It has robbed me of

Please, be specific.
I can’t give specifications, but I
think privacy is the major thing stardom has robbed me of. Once you are a
celebrity, your life becomes public, so basically, it’s just my

What is the craziest thing you’ve done in public?
I don’t
know, because being in public to me is crazy. I don’t know the craziest thing
I’ve done.

For the purpose of those who don’t know, how did it start?
Tell me the story before Next Movie Star and the movie after Next Movie

Let’s just say I was opportune to be picked for the audition. What did
I have to lose? So, I went for the audition and for NMS and I came out second,
and after that I also met one girl and I featured in her movie, Secret Pain and
her second movie. After that I went to AMAA Awards with my very close friend,
Larry Koldsweat, who handed me over to Amaco and Amaco is my godfather. That’s
just how everything started and since that day, I’ve not stopped

What year was your first movie?

Those who knew
you before 2006 said Tonto is an hyper-active person…

(Cuts in) I think
that would be very true depending on how you look at it. Yes, I am a very hyper
active person and I have always had that craziness in me. No, I won’t call it
craziness; I would just call it a normal thing for me, but acting did a little
bit of hyping too. It contributed to it.

What crazy things did you not
have that acting brought?
I never used to curse a lot, though I had the
problem of cursing, or use swear words, but at a point it reduced, but when I
came into acting it all came back

Are you a born-again?
Like my pastor
always says, as long as you have Christ in your life, you are born again, but I
wouldn’t say I am living 100% Christian life, no.

Who is your
I have two, I go to two churches and I am a full member of Christ
, but because I want to be able to go to church every Sunday when I am
around, I sometimes go to a church near my house.

So, if you were to get
married today, where would that be?
Uhhhm! I don’t know.

I read an interview where you spoke up for Mercy Johnson and I remember somebody
at work saying, it was strange considering the celebrated rift between you, Uche
and a lot of other people. What propelled to speak up for her, she was supposed
to be your enemy?
No matter how much we don’t get along, it’s still very
difficult to sit down and watch something bad happen to your enemy. It was
nothing really, not like I was standing up for her or anything, I just spoke up
because it was happening too often and keeping quiet was out of it.

you see her today, would you say hello?
I don’t need to, because we are not
friends; but if the need arises…

Can you girls ever be friends?
That I
don’t know. I am not sure, but, of course, she’s my colleague.

happened between you two in the first place?
I have never talked about it and
I don’t think I would like to talk about it, not for public

How come women don’t get along?
Some women are just very
empty inside, very shallow. I don’t know about others, but I just think we are
afraid of who we are. It’s surprising as well, why we can’t get along with other
women, but I also think sometimes it could be inferiority complex,

Who else don’t you get along with, or who doesn’t get along with
I get along with everybody and everybody gets along with me.

does it feel when you sit down to read a lot of things about you on the
internet, for example, about your outfit to the premiere of “Damage” in the
The thing is, first of all, I do not go to all those websites to read
because I want to stay sane, but when I hear about it, it doesn’t really bother
me. The person who actually sat down to write that should really go home and cry
for himself. I love what I wore and if I had the chance I would wear it again
and rub their noses in it so they can keep talking.

It makes some
celebrities cry; you know, bad press…
(Cuts in) I’m a strong woman. I won’t
shed a tear for something written about me. I’ve developed a thick skin toward
all these things. Now, it’s like they don’t exist. You say something about me,
and I begin to laugh and carry on, go on twitter and talk with my followers and
laugh and carry on, so if you are waiting for me to get down because of what you
are writing about me, then you have to try something harder, I only get a little
bit worried because of my family, because it would really hurt me if my family
breaks down because of what they hear or read about me. So far, they have been
really wonderful

How many siblings do you have?
My mother gave birth
to five; my dad got married to another woman. My step-mother has two children,
but not for my father, so we are seven children, I have six siblings.

are in what position?
From my mother, I am the third, but from my father, I’m
the first…. My step mum is a very wonderful woman, the best step-mum in the
whole world. She’s gorgeous.

What happened to your mum?
My mum died
when I was three years old.

Do you miss her?
I didn’t know her, but I
wish I did.

What of your father? Did he try?
I don’t know if any other
father could do better. He did all he could. He brought us up single-handedly
with help from his mother and his sisters. Sometimes he would leave work to
attend to us. He really tried.

What did he do?
He used to work with
Nigerian Breweries and he also had other businesses of his own. He was into real
estate, a politician. He had his finger in many pies.

What does he do
He is into oil, politics.

Where does he live?

So, are you from Rivers State?
Yes, I’m from Rivers

Are you close to the government?
No, I haven’t had a strong
relationship with the government.

Would you ever produce a movie?
have co-produced a movie with a fellow colleague of mine, Ini, but I’m also
planning something on my own, but I’m not in a hurry. Acting is more of my
interest. I love acting.

What do you do with your money?
I love to see
money rolling in and I also invest in different things: property and other

When people say you are wild, does it get to you?
No, it
doesn’t. They are just talking based on my roles in movies. Most times when I
just walk on the street the way they laugh at me or call me, you would know they
watch you a lot. So, they just feel they know you already and judge you based on
what they see in the movies.

How come you haven’t been at the big screen
(Cinema) yet?
I have Damage at the cinema and, of course, I have my own
coming up, it’s one step at a time.

Who cleans your house for
I have a cleaner and I also do it myself. I hate dirt, but I have
someone who comes around to do the cleaning every other day.

Now that you
are traveling, who would be here?
I would have my sister come around, but I
don’t know if she would accept. If she doesn’t, then I would lock up my

Do you party a lot?
Surprisingly, I don’t. You would hardly see
me in clubs; I love to be at home or just chill in small bars. I hardly go for
parties, but I drink reasonably, something I can handle.

Do you smoke a
I just have a bad habit there.

Do you know why I asked those two
questions, because people describe you as a wild person considering the fact
that you smoke and drink, do you do these things heavily?
No. I don’t. I
respect my body a lot and you know there are times you do these things and you
just know your body can’t take it anymore, so you just need to learn how to
control yourself and respect your body and definitely, I would not want to mess
up myself, so I drink very responsibly and smoke maybe a little out of control,
but not to the extreme.

Do you smoke weed?
Seriously, you don’t expect
me to answer that, do you?

What is the weirdest thing you have ever
I can’t think of any, I don’t really do weird stuff like that.
Basically, my life is all about my work, so the little fun I have I get it

Did anything really happen between you and Wizkid?
Wizkid is
my friend and I appreciate his music and we are friends on twitter. We tweet at
each other, but people blew the whole thing out of proportion because of my
calling him sweet names like baby, sweetheart and the rest, and generally, this
is how I address everybody on twitter, there is nothing to it, I address people
in different terms, so there was nothing to it, if we had anything to hide, we
would have done it by ‘DM’, but Wizkid is a very wonderful person.

you didn’t buy him a car?
I don’t know where that story came from.

you buy him a car?
I said I don’t know where that story came from, no, I

Let me tell you what I heard, that you bought him a car and when
you were pissed off with him, you asked some people to go and snatch the car
from him, is that true?
I heard that also, I don’t know where that came from,
we are still friends, we are cool, I don’t even know where the story generated

Can you date somebody like Wizkid?
If you are talking about his
age, I think age is nothing but numbers, but you have to be a mature person at a
certain level.

So, can you date somebody like him?
When you say
someone like him, do you mean a musician? I really don’t know, but if it
happens, who am I to say no to love?

Where’s the weirdest point love has
taken you?
I think my last relationship, that’s the weirdest place love took
me. I cannot give you the reason why I said so.
How long did it last?
was good, I can’t count.

What could a man possibly do to tamper with your
fragile nature as a woman?
I think domestic violence, that’s like the only
thing that can actually trample my ego as a woman, especially if it’s a man I
have something to do with, I think that would really damage my ego a lot and it
would break me.

They said you once broke a bottle because a man harassed
you, not physically though, but you wanted to stab the man because he harassed
you, is it true?
That never happened, why would I want to do that? I really
don’t know how dumb stories come out, why would I want to break the head of
someone I am working with, it’s really crazy where these stories originate

Did you ever date Tchidi Chikere?
No, he was my very good

How was your childhood?
It was good, very good, although I
really wish I had a mother around, but my childhood was great, there was nothing
I wanted that I didn’t get.

What did you miss in not having a
I didn’t miss anything really, just the love, but my step-mother
really tried to teach me everything, including cooking, but I just wasn’t

So, you can’t cook?
I can pull off a good dish, but I hate
the kitchen.

When you don’t have a boyfriend, I assume you don’t have one
now, and you need a man around, what do you do?
I can’t answer that

No, I don’t mean sex, it has nothing to do with sex, do you
I just can’t answer that question.

What can you say about
Through the movie we are now aware that domestic violence is wrong
and this is something that happens every day in our country, and people get
killed through this process. So, the movie is creating awareness.

part in the movie, taking drugs and all, but in real life, have you ever
experimented with drugs?
No, I have not.

So, how did you pull it off
in the movie?
I studied the script well, and I have three people I am
supposed to stay with and study how they behaved so that I can interpret the
role perfectly.

What do you think when people take it away from women,
from the perspective of the treatment women receive on daily basis?
I think
it is very demeaning, using myself as an example, I am a very hardworking woman,
I make so much money and I work so hard and go out and buy gifts for myself,
because I appreciate myself, so why would someone who doesn’t know me come and
say, oh, one man has bought this thing for her, it’s very wrong and insulting,
it’s like you don’t expect a woman to be hardworking and to buy herself
beautiful things. It’s funny that it’s even women who talk about other women the

Have you ever slept with a man to get something?
No, I
People say you can’t go far in this industry without sleeping with
one man or the other, what do you think?
I don’t believe that, using my own
story as an example, I was just introduced to a producer who needed an artist to
project, so I never went through all that and he is like a father figure. So, I
never went through all that, that’s why I don’t believe it ever happens, though
I hear such stories, but I can’t say for sure if it happens, since it never
happened to me.

From experience, what would you watch out for in your
next relationship?
I don’t know, but probably not to repeat the same mistakes
I made in the first one.

When would you get married?
Every woman’s
dream is to get married: people have different dreams, not like I don’t want to
get married, but I am just indifferent about it, if it comes, fine, if it
doesn’t, all right by me.

What is the alternative?
If you are not
married, then you are single…………

Source- Sun Magazine

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