Ouote of the Day: I can’t marry an Igbo man, they poke nose a lot

Ouote of the Day: I can’t marry an Igbo man, they poke nose a lot 1

Tonto Dike recently granted Punch newspaper an interview where she said ‘waiting for an Igbo man will make her end up single for life. Lol, this is not even funny. Some Igbo’s won’t take it lightly with tonto. But then, it’s her life. Read the question and her response below;

Punch: We heard you will be getting married soon to your new boyfriend who happens to come from Benin, Edo state. Why are so many Nollywood females getting snapped up by Benin or men from Edo state?

Tonto Dike: First of all, it is nobody’s business where my fiancé comes from. That out of the way, yes Benin men are great and very understanding. They are not siting and judging you unlike an Igbo man that will want to be poke-nosing in everything you do. You make your money and the Edo man is not interested in your personal affairs. If I keep waiting for an Igbo man I will just end up eternally single…..

Igbo guys you’ve heard abi,,you berra buckle up!!!


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  1. Kanyinulia, it seems u will have a lot of secrecy like having an xtra marital affair which no igbo guy will condole. Good 4 u. U can have Edo 4 all we care

  2. yes you have to be a real wife, just like the likes of okonjo uweala,Deziani Mudueke,Ndi onyiuke,Dora Akunyili etc.A real and prepared mother to be because this is life affair and not boyfriend-hood.We the igbos cherish marriage institution more than any tribe in Nigeria.Once you are married, you are married not changing women like clothes and still be calling it marriage.I would not want to tell you the number of well educated Yoruba ladies that are married in my home town now enjoying marriage bliss and speaks igbo fluently without fear of been thrown out anyday, because its not in our culture to divorce or maltreat a woman.
    So Tonto nwa nlem,you have to make your husband understand…in as much as you dont step on his ego…i bet you, you will always have your ways.
    Igbo men has understanding more than any other tribe in Nigeria from my understanding and statistics.I was born and raised in Akure before moving to Lagos with my brother(Osike Aguabata-1 of Orsumoghu in Ihiala LGA—Ndi nnukwu nmawu and Ndi ogiriga bara na nwa– by Oliver de cork)

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