Boko Haram: KLM, Delta Airline Suspend Flights Into Abuja

Royal Dutch Airline, KLM and Delta Airline will no longer fly into Abuja by the end of August due to the increasing Boko Haram attacks, investigation has revealed. The two airlines are heeding directives from the United States Department of States to suspend further flights into Abuja following the surging activities of the Islamist Militant group.

Both Airlines fly from New York and Amsterdam into Abuja. Its flights from Atlanta to Lagos are however not affected. Sources said the U.S States Department took the decision to safeguard it interests from possible harm and attack. It is not immediately known if other U.S interests in Abuja are affected with the directive.
Calls put through to KLM and Delta Airline were not immediately answered. But a staff of Delta Airline on condition of anonymity said the airline fear that soon Boko Haram might attack airports and target U.S interests in Nigeria. “Boko Haram have been attacking facilities in few Kilometers to the airport and they have promised to attack any U.S interest in Nigeria and it is based on that the State Department gave the directives.”
Henceforth, all flight from the United States to Abuja would now be routed through Air France.

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