Did This Dad Go Too Far?

Did This Dad Go Too Far? 1
My view, this Dad stood up and won’t take disrespect from his child … I personally give him my kudos and 2 thumbs up. Perhaps if more parents take a stand with their children instead of laying down and being walked on by them, we’d start to change the world…..Children must be encouraged to see their mistakes and must be able to admit their wrong-doing…Great way to show there are consequences to actions taken. I don’t think this kid will try to lie in future. Well done Dad or do you think otherwise?


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  1. I quite agree wit you Kanyinulia. Children must be shown their mistakes. But I think this Dad went too far. I mean sometimes talking to the child in a quite environment will even do better than this. Also, a children based NGO might sue him.

  2. Some folks just say things they are clueless about.GistNaija,what are you talking about?sue who?for what crime?This dad clearly bought home a point without violating the law.Always make your point on a well informed basis,puuuuleasss.

  3. I like it and have personally seen it done. The other day by the middle school a boy was wearing a sign that read " I, John Doe will do better in school" with his mom standing by. If I need to I will do the same thing.

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