Dokubo-Asari EXPLODES – i was detained in underground cell for 10 months & no charge.

Dokubo-Asari EXPLODES - i was detained in underground cell for 10 months & no charge. 1 
Dokubo-Asari EXPLODES***.
**i was detained in underground cell for 10 months & no charge.
**I earn my income in areas where others ignore.I have made no kobo from any Govt.
**it is all lies that I have oil blocks, fat contracts and govt patronage

The story of Mujahid Dokubo-Asari is open for every body to carry out intense investigation and scrutiny. If Dokubo-Asari has benefited from kidnapping, oil bunkering, or from the government the evidence can easily be obtain. Instead the government of Nigeria has arrested me and detain me more than 46 times. 

Up till this moment I have a treason charge hanging over my head. I have not pleaded with President Jonatha (GEAJ) to discontinue the proceedings against me. Even when Ijaw elders and leaders have continue to call on the government to lift the charges against me. I have always maintain that I do not want any pardon or amnesty from an occupation government that have confiscated my land and resources.

Whenever I make superior argument against their porous positions they resort to baseless allegations which even the Nigerian government in her desperation has not made against me. The government has all the chances to bring charges on thief, armed robbery, oil bunkering, kidnapping, extortion and other criminal charges against me they couldn’t because I have never committed such crimes they went on an endless voyage of discovery still they could not prove their charges against me they kept me in prison for 22months, 10 months 11 days in their underground dungeons.
I did not give up my believe in the morality and justice of my course.

It is laughable when ignoramus makes claim that my struggle was selfish. I ask them how? Today, I am not a member of the ruling PDP even though I support GEAJ because he is an Ijaw like me. 

I own my ijawness that not because GEAJ or those around him have reciprocated that support, it is not my problem, it is not GEAJ I support, it is the Ijaw nation I support. if GEAJ is not an Ijaw most certainly I would not have supported him. He GEAJ represent the little gains of our collective struggle against the Nigerian occupation. 
For this support I am ready to stake my life not because of what i will gain from him or have gained from him how many of the mouth watering and juicy contracts has GEAJ awarded me?

In Rivers State there is a governor who control a budget that is bigger than the budget of Ghana, Togo and Benin till he is not my friend we hardly relate talkless of contracts. So where is the selfishness?
Anybody is free to visit the oil companies and investigate and scrutinize their books and see how many contracts I have like all other people I work hard to earn my income in areas where others ignore.

I am more entitled to oil blocks than anybody thousands of barrel of crude oil is produced from my land still I don’t have an oil block. This porous allegations will not stop me from my struggle to free myself and land from foreign occupation. If anybody have evidence where I made one illegal kobo that I am not entitle to let him come forward with his evidence. – Mujahid Dokubo-Asari.
Culled From: Hope For Nigeria.

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