Patience Jonathan’s Anticipated Trip Back To The Country Cancelled

Patience Jonathan's Anticipated Trip Back To The Country Cancelled 1

I told you HERE yesterday that Patience Jonathan would be back in Nigeria early today but the highly anticipated return trip has again been cancelled by her hospital in Germany.

A source at the hospital said Mrs. Jonathan could not be discharged to leave today as was requested by her husband because there are still several unresolved issues concerning her health.

We dont know what those issues are, but it seems obvious that her condition is still poor.  Only a few days ago, the presidency, through spokesman Reuben Abati, said she was in good health.

Commenting on a three-second video allegedly shot recently when her husband visited her, in which she was shown to be well-dressed, he said, “You can see that the setting does not resemble that of a hospital. She is hale and hearty.

Her doctors evidently do not share that view, and no new date has been given as to when Mrs. Jonathan, who is also a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State, will leave Germany. She has now been away for six weeks

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