Video Of Tonto Dike Staggering And Falling On Stage In London

Video Of Tonto Dike Staggering And Falling On Stage In London 1Video Of Tonto Dike Staggering And Falling On Stage In London 2


So i told you last night that i heard Tonto Dike was so drunk that she staggered and fell on stage at Inyanya’s Kukere concert in London where she was the co-anchor. Well today, i heard she was high on something maybe not drinks and really misbehaved.  She couldn’t stand straight and when it was time for her to sing…Her song was playing for her to perform but she kept telling the crowd that she can’t wave because she did not shave her armpit. Then she put her hand in the armpit, staggering and shouting, that when she was in America they showed her love.

All this time she was supposed to be performing, next thing she fell! The MC had to get her off the stage, reportedly because they realised she was messed up.. She kept staggering and shouting. I learnt she actually got booed off the stage as well.

Watch the video when you continue..meanwhile am so sure Burnaboy is rolling in laughter.

Tonto Dikeh madness ?? she was on another level of craziness Looool

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Read Tonto’s Response HERE


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  1. This girl should get a real life…she's just being irresponsible….and this are the reasons why Nigerians are less valued overseas

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