Igodye Becomes United Nations Millennium Ambassador

Igodye Becomes United Nations Millennium Ambassador 1
Francis agoda known as igodye,  now a United nation Millennium development goal Ambassador. The  Global Educators for all initiative has bestowed United nations millennium development Goal Ambassador on One of African’s Funniest comedian, Ambassador Francis Agoda fondly called I Go Dye. This honor  is in recognition and mandate to continue to facilitate the realization of the United nations (MDGs)
Well, this Initiative is a Global recognition to individuals who have championed and enhanced through their work the overall development of humanity, based on selfless services, creativity and compassion towards human development.
However, this mandate strengthens the desire of the Ace comedian igodye who has been committed to philanthropic gestures, also advocating a non-violence approach to youths in Africa inspiring youths and advocating for good leadership towards the  eradicating  poverty.

Igodye Becomes United Nations Millennium Ambassador 2

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According to Him “I feel honored with this honor, but it will be more gratifying to me, when I will see that our leaders create opportunities for youths to be gainfully employed. Because as at today, millions of Africans are suffering, and faced with uncertainty. The future seems vague and no hope in sight.
Until this personal desire of a better Africa is achieved; my heart knows no profound Happiness; because someone is still sleeping without a meal.
But with this recognition, it shows that my work is not in vein. I Thank God for giving me this talent that is inspiring others and also to my fans all over the world who has been supporting me with their prayers and love. Without you, all these achievements won’t have been possible. May God Bless you all.
The United nation millennium development goal Ambassador, came with a customized vehicle plate number: MDG AMB 7K Ambassador, international identification card and an Honorary plaque.igodye is now among other UN MDGs Ambassadors around the world working to actualize the objective of the United Nation,congratulations keep the Flag flying we are proud of you

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