My Routine To Naturally Brighten Underarms- Eva Alordiah

My Routine To Naturally Brighten Underarms- Eva Alordiah 1
Rapper Eva Alordiah shared how she brightens her black armpit on her blog, read below.

I’m usually one to wear sleeveless shirts and spagetti or tank straps. For a long time, like a lot of young girls i know, i battled with darker underarms/armpits. Its like you go through puberty without exactly noticing how darker they have become until you are in your 20s and waiting for guys to toast you, forming fine geh. Next thing you know you have become conscious of raising your hands high in public for fear of showing off eye-sore underarms.

For most of us, maybe all- dark underarms result from a number of factors. Now, let me just point out how i have been able to brighten my underarms over time. They are not exactly perfect yet, but they are getting there. And when they do, i sure wont be too shy to show off a couple of pictures to inspire you. Now here’s what i do –
1.  Stop Using shaving sticks:  unfortunately if what you want is brighter underarms, you are going to have to do away with using shaving sticks. What happens when we shave is the hairs only get scraped off the surface of skin, leaving little stubbles here and there that could fold right back into the pose causing bumps and re-darkening of skin.

What i do : I use tweezers instead. As wack and painful as that sounds, yes i sit through 30mins to pluck hairs one after the other. When im not tweezing, i wax using Sugar wax. This method is known as sugaring’ and you can do it yourself at home.
If you can’t do this especially on your own, then you might want to try waxing at the spa once in a while. Tweezing/waxing is so much better because you get rid of hairs straight right off the roots which would even extend the time it would take for a regrowth.
Although hair removal creams are a great quick alternative to tweezing/waxing, some of these creams also include chemicals that could cause darkening of the skin. However my next steps would make it possible for you to still use hair removal creams.
2.  Exfoliate :  I can’t possibly stress enough how important exfoliating is for the whole process of brightening your underarms. Exfoliating generally is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes i just sit and scrub my whole body top to bottom.
When you exfoliate regularly you help your skin with cell turnover, making it easier to shed dead surface skin cells to reveal softer, newer skin over time.
What i do :  Sugar!! My fav little inexpensive thing. Sugar is one of the best things to use for exfoliating. For my underarms i use a good quantity of honey and sugar. I scrub in consistent circular motions 3minutes on both sides. Then i leave that on for 5-10minutes before washing off with warm water.
I exfoliate my underarms 3times every week.
If you use hair removal creams instead of waxing, ensure to exfoliate lightly immediately after.
3. Lime, raw Potatoes and Aloe vera:  As much as 5times a week i apply a good quantity of lime juice or rub my underarms with a raw potato slice and let it rest for 20mins. Sometimes i use lime as a moisturiser on my underarms and leave it on overnight. On days when i am home the whole day  or for long hours i use lime on my underarms and let it sit till i am ready to go out.
Lime and potatoes are good natural bleaching agents and they would help brighten your underarms in a short time with consistent use!
Choose one that is easily accesible or convinient for you or alternate between both.
These three tips above are also great for dark rough knees, hands and dark knuckles, feet and bikini/pubic areas. So you can do the exact same thing if you are trying to brighten the skin on your hands, feet and pubic regions.
4.  Opt for naturally made anti-perspirants and avoid spraying directly on your underarms. Hold sprays at least 6inches away from your underarms when you spray.
So there you have it ladies! I hope my routines help you achieve the results you need to to feel much more comfortable with your underarms. Consistence is key!
Do let us know what you have tried or trying by sharing in the comments section below.
Have fun, stay beautiful.

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