Guess Who This American Celebrity Is?

Difference: Kim looked unrecognisable in her new look for the TV seriesDressed down: Kim swamped her figure in an unfashionable shapeless blouse and wore leggings


Guess which celeb transformed herself into a totally different person as part of a new show?

This week, America’s Oxygen Network premiered a new show titled, “Celebrities Undercover” which features stars concealing their true identities to find out what everyone thinks about them when they aren’t around… find out who she is, when you continue….

Who's that? Kim Kardashian underwent a complete transformation for new TV show Celebrities Undercover

Can you believe this is Kim Kardashian??? 
Prosthetics: Kim underwent a complete transformation for her new look
Kim K…had to undergo transformations using prosthethics and makeup.
If Ugly Betty had a mother: Kim pretended to be one of her own fans for the skit on Celebrity Makeovers
Well done: Kim managed to successfully trick her fans and prove they were loyal
Cynthia acted as a fan of Kim in a fake group interview for a job as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s latest assistant. 
The supporters were given several tasks to test their loyalty, but unbeknown to them they were being filmed on undercover cameras.
Undercover: The brunette beauty's fans had no idea it was her underneath the wig and glasses
Haven't got a clue: Kim's fans were overwhelmed by the occasion and didn't even realise they were sitting right next to their idol
Lolzzz, her fans didnt know they were sitting beside her.
No idea: Kim transformed into her alter-ego Cynthia, who had a slight resemblance to TV character Ugly Betty, for the programme and then set about trying to trick three of her female fans
On the show the three supporters were told by Kim’s fake assistant that she had spent the night with rapper Eminem. 
Later on a gossip reporter, who was played by an actor, said he would give the three females $5,000 if they would confirm the fake story, but they all refused. 
In another test of their loyalty, the trio were offered gifts meant for Kim, but they refused to take them.
It's me: Kim eventually had to whip off her wig and reveal herself
Shock: Kim's fans couldn't believe it was really her when she took off her disguise
Kim eventually had to come clean and reveal she was Cynthia when she moved from her office to her own house and her sister Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick showed up. 
However, before the 33-year-old star could whip off her wig and false teeth, Kourtney started quizzing her as Cynthia and didn’t even recognise it was her sibling.
Disbelief: The reality TV star couldn't believe that her sister Kourtney didn't even recognise her
Unrecognisable: Kim still didn't look like herself after whipping her wig off

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