How to Find Out If the One You Love Actually Loves You Too

Sometimes you fall in love with someone but at some point, you become unsure if they feel the same way.

Punch has listed the tips below to help you solve the mystery of love.

Make eye contact with the other person

How does the other person respond? They might: Look back longingly into your eyes, refusing to let go of your eyes. Definitely a good sign. She/he loves you hopelessly. Avert eyes quickly, blushing or suddenly sweating. This is another good sign. She/he is at least interested in you, but doesn’t want you to know.

Look at you quickly, seemingly uninterested, and then look at you as if you are someone’s little sister/brother. A bad sign. She/he probably doesn’t think of you in the way you think of her/him. Not look at you at all. This is a tough sign to read. It could mean she doesn’t notice you; it could mean he or she’s good at keeping things under wraps.

Make a joke and see how they respond

Humans talk a lot, but often our body language says a lot more about us than our words do. We smile and laugh for people we like; we scowl and stay silent for people we don’t. Try making a joke. It doesn’t have to be a very good joke, and see how they respond to it.

Smile and see how they respond

A lot like joking around, smiling at someone will usually produce a response. If the person likes you, they are certain to smile back. If the person doesn’t like you, they’re more likely to not smile back. Consider these things when “reading into” a smile: A person could simply be caught off guard by your smile. They would love to smile back at you, but yours was so unexpected that they didn’t know how to react.

Test the person you love

You can test the person you love in various ways, but perhaps the most effective test is the jealousy test. Mention another guy or girl in a casual way. If the person you love stiffens up, disagrees, or badmouths the person you talked about, it most likely means they are jealous.

Go out

Go out with a group of friends and including him or her. If this person stays close to you throughout the night, and talks with you a lot, this is probably a sign they’re interested.

Approach the person when they least expect it

Sit down the person during lunch. Call the person out of the blue. Track them down between classes. Catch them when they don’t expect you to be there and see how they react. Do they seem happy to see you, flustered, awkward, dishevelled, or tense? These are all good signs. There’s a spark, it seems. Do they seem uninterested, condescending, not bothered, or too busy to acknowledge you? There are all bad signs.


If all else fails and you need to know the other person’s feelings, you may have to come right out and ask. Be prepared for the worst but expect the best. Remember, too, that the only way to know if someone loves you is if they accept you for who you are. Nothing more and nothing less. No one is perfect but true love accepts imperfections with perfections.

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