Nigerian Man Finds Humor In Bathing And Swimming In His Flooded House

I don’t know why Nigerians always find humor in every bad situation. Today, some people would be complaining over a particular issue, tomorrow, someone out there is actually would be enjoying himself over that same situation.

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Today, a young Nigerian man shared a picture of him having fun, bathing and swimming in a massive flood that overtook his house and captioned it “it can’t kill me”.

On Monday, the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria (NEMA) reported that about 441,251 people in 50 Local Government Areas have been affected by this heavy flood.

According to the report from the agency, about 141,369 people have lost their homes, 192 people have sustained injuries as a result of this flood, and 108 lives have been lost to this disaster.

But today, someone lucky enough is making fun of the situation.

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