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Tonto Dikeh Reveals How She Discovered That Her Ex-husband Is Into ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ [Video]



Tonto Dikeh Reveals How She Discovered That Her Ex-husband Is Into 'Yahoo-Yahoo' [Video] 3

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has made an outrageous claim about how she walked in on her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, dressed in red, surrounded by red candles and holding a laptop, doing Yahoo Yahoo.

Tonto Dikeh made this revelation in a two-part video, where she spoke on everything about her marriage and how it went from good, bad to ugly. She said:

“After I came back from giving birth to my son, I had been suspecting that he was into Yahoo…before I even came back to Nigeria I had already begun to suspect but the only thing that made me confirm was the night that he wasn’t supposed to be home and I slept early because of my son. And I heard some noise in his room because he’s in the penthouse and my room is under.

“So, I heard a noise upstairs, nobody was supposed to be in that room. I opened up this room, I saw a full-grown man wearing a red cloth in his waist with red candles everywhere around him with a laptop in his hands. Immediately I saw that I was shocked, I was simply shocked. I was not scared but I was shocked. I just started laughing and he got me and that was one of the first fights we had after I had King.”

Watch the video below:

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