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Aproko Doctor Reveals Signs Of Testicular Cancer



A medical expert, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, popularly called “Aproko Doctor” has revealed how men can know if they have cancer of the testicles.

Aproko Doctor

Dr. Chinonso Egemba, “Aproko Doctor”

Aproko Doctor To Men: How To Know If You Have Testicular Cancer

Egemba, better known as “Aproko Doctor” on twitter, said men, especially young men can check for signs of testicular cancer if they carry out a little exercise.


According to him, young men should soap up under the shower and run their testicles slowly through their hands, to look out for lumps, size and pain.

Aproko Doctor known for always dishing out health tips/advice on social media, stated this on his twitter handle on Monday morning, August 29th, 2022.

The medical practitioner, however disclosed that testicular cancer is rare, but it kills.

“Dear Kings especially Young Kings. Please check your testicles today,” he tweeted.

“Soap up, preferably under the shower and run your testicles slowly through your hands. Look out for lumps, size, pain etc. Testicular cancer is rare, but it kills.  Just check today.
RT for other men.”

He called on men to see a doctor immediately they notice anything strange.

“If you notice anything strange. Please go to your doctor immediately to get it checked out.”

Meanwhile, Kanyi Daily had reported that Aproko Doctor had advised parents on how to protect their children.

He said one of the ways parents can protect their children is to help them to develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.

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