KanyiDaily.com powers culturally relevant conversations by creating, covering and curating what’s trending on the Internet. We tell stories with passion and purpose in a relatable and familiar voice.

We are a digital media company dedicated to authentic storytelling that seeks to Inspire, Celebrate, and Elevate Nigerians. We don’t just go behind the scenes to discover the story behind the story, we present a unique perspective to readers by presenting it through different lenses.

We cover everything and anything that matters to the average Nigerian from breaking news and pop culture to lifestyle, technology, travel trends, and government policies.

Our content is presented in an entertaining manner to engage with the social media generation.

With its backstage passes to some of Nigeria’s best concerts, parties, and elite events, KanyiDaily.com leaves out no star-studded event.

Today, we are Nigeria’s top youth website actively working to deliver credible news and exciting content to 500,000 young Nigerians daily.


Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Year Founded


Company Type

Privately Held

Company Size

10 -20 employees


News, Entertainment, Videos and Lifestyle



Originality: Because we love to be novel, we think independently and inventively.

Persistence: We stay focused on our vision despite difficulty or opposition.

Excellence: We carry out our reportage in an outstanding manner.



Founder / Editor-in-Chief: – Kanyinulia Okeke

Head, Human Resources: – Esther Godfrey

Chief Technology Manager: – Collins Agbonghama

Content Distribution and Partnerships: – Kelechi Kimberly

Director of Content Strategy: – Micheal Ayodele

Video Editor: – Adebayo Idris 

News Editor: – Tobias Sylvester

News Writers: – Wale Yusuf, Ibrahim Ibrahim and Sanya Jide

Fashion Editor: – Vincent Desmond

Plus several contributors.

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