Rihanna gets some female attention in sexy new photo shoot

explicit new We Found Love video has sparked controversy all over the
world, with the French authorities banning it from being aired before

have been concerns that the notoriously provocative star has taken
things too far with Talk That Talk, which is said to be her raunchiest
album yet. But it appears that the singer isn’t bothered about the
negative press, and has taken things still further with a sexy new photo

hands all over her body in the steamy shots convey the point pretty
firmly that she isn’t too hot to touch. And just to spice things up a
little further, they’re definitely female models getting a feel of the
23-year-old superstar. Unperturbed by the attention, Rihanna puffs away
on a cigar- probably bolstered by the knowledge that Talk That Talk has
already gone to number one on iTunes in 20 countries.

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