Domestic Violence: 24-Year-Old Wife Burnt To Death By Husband After 3 Months Of Marriage

Domestic Violence: 24-Year-Old Wife Burnt To Death By Husband After 3 Months Of Marriage 1

Naomi Chidiebere 24, was the happiest woman in the world when she married Dick Chidiebere, 34, at the Jehovah’s Witness church at Ijegun in November 2011. Sadly, Naomi who was the envy of the single ladies at the wedding is lying in the morgue because her husband allegedly set her ablaze following a quarrel.  The incident happened on February 10, 2012 at the couple’s four bedroom residence in Ijegun barely three months after the couple exchanged their wedding vows.

Naomi, who narrated how her husband set her ablaze on her hospital bed before she gave up the ghost, said on that fateful day, said Dick, a sailor, came back home late in the night drunk and she challenged him on his drinking habit, which according to her infuriated him as he beat her up and later rushed into the store where they kept petrol for the generating set and poured it on her as she ran into the closet to hide from his beating.

Naomi further stated that Dick set her ablaze while she was in the closet.

According to a neighbour’s report to the police, Naomi ran close to a mile to her friend’s house at Ijegun waterside and the friend and her family rushed her to the hospital where she narrated to them how her husband allegedly set her ablaze.

The case was reported at the Satellite Police Station and Chidiebere was arrested as he attempted to travel out of the country. The case has been transferred to the Homicide department at Panti Yaba for further investigation.

Chidiebere however denied setting his wife ablaze.  He told the police he heard a mysterious explosion in his kitchen that fateful night and rushed to see what was happening, only for him to discover that his wife’s room and wardrobe was on fire and he tried desperately to quench the fire.
“I did not kill my life as it is been alleged. I came back home that night about 12.00am and my wife welcomed me. I am not sure what happened but know we had a little quarrel which I left her to go and sleep in my room. Not too long, I heard a powerful explosion in the kitchen and it woke me up,” he said in a statement to the police.
“I ran out to see what was wrong and to look for my wife but she was not around anywhere in the house, I thought she had ran out to get help and I waited till day break but still did not see her. I did not kill her, why will I kill somebody I just got married to? This is a strange fire but I am not responsible.”

Police officers however said they found Naomi’s wardrobe closet burnt, and her room was in disarray with her sofa also completely destroyed by the fire.
They also recovered a ten-litre plastic container with fuel inside, the burnt mattress was also taken as an exhibit.
It was gathered that Naomi died barely one week after sustaining the burnt; her corpse has since been deposited at the Isolo General hospital for autopsy
   I really cant fathom out why this man can be so heartless…Damn thats why i get scared of men..What on earth will make you set your damn wife ablaze, no matter her offence she’s still ur better half…I dont like reading such cos it gets me disgusted…SMH. Anyway i hope he bags 25 yrs.

Culled From DailyTimes.

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